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Your Pre-Party Beauty Routine

Your Pre-Party Beauty Routine
Team LF
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The night before a party can be pretty hectic, but it should be a relaxing time to help you care for your skin, get a good night sleep and make you feel rejuvenated. We have put together our top 3 pre-party beauty tips to make sure you make the most out of the night before and make yourself look gorgeous ready for the big event.

Before you start this super-easy pre-party beauty routine, make sure you have everything ready for the event. It will make your evening a lot more relaxed and won't leave you running around last minute panicking!

Top 3 Pre-Party Beauty Tips

  • 1.Reduce Inflammation With Your Skincare

    Reduce Inflammation With Your Skincare
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    If you have woken up with spots or redness the night before a big event, don't go popping them. This will only make them worse and cause further redness and even bleeding. Instead, use a gentle mask that helps to reduce signs of aggravation, unclog pores and nurture your delicate skin. The NIOD Flavanone Mud Mask uses tri-phase technology to effectively remove surface impurities, fight inflammation and keep the skin at a healthy PH balance. It contains a unique blend of Brazilian and Amazonian Clays, which are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to support the skin's cells.
  • 2.Sleep In A Nourishing Face Mask

    Sleep In A Nourishing Face Mask
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    After using the NIOD Mask, you need to seal in the benefits and keep your hydration levels working properly. The OSKIA Bedtime Beauty Boost does just that thanks to its unique technology and luxurious texture. The cream contains MSM, which helps to promote healthy collagen production and reduce the effects of skin damage, leaving you with an overall luminous complexion. It also contains a blend of Sunflower, Rosehip and Sesame Seed Oils, which are super lightweight yet offer intense hydrating benefits.
  • 3.Get Some Sleep

    Get Some Sleep
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    This one might sound obvious, but the beauty benefits of sleep seriously are unrivaled. A good 8 hours will ensure you wake up refreshed and looking your best. If you have the pre-party jitters then a spritz of the Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray on your pillow will help calm your nerves and send you off to sleep in no time at all. If you are in the mood for a relaxing bath, then the Liquid Yoga Bath Soak has the same relaxing scent as the spray, and also contains Epsom Salts to detoxify and de-bloat you.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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