Bring back the blow-dry with EGO Professional

We’re all familiar with that amazing, fresh-out-of-the-salon feeling. The one that makes you feel on top of the world and like you can conquer anything, as you blissfully bound out of your hairdressers with your big, bouncy curls tumbling over your shoulders thanks to that amazing blow-dry you just had. Well, guess what?! You can have that feeling every day – from the comfort of your own home.

How? Well, here at Lookfantastic, we’re showing you which EGO Professional tools you can use to achieve that, along with some nifty tips and tricks that’ll have your hair bursting with volume. It’s all in light of the EGO Professional bring back the blow-dry campaign, which is running today to help women all over the world recreate an amazing blow-dry look, brought from the salon to the high street. Research shows that 49 million women across the globe say that they want more body, volume and smoothness in their hair, and every month there are 676 million Google searches on ‘how to’ style hair. We hear you sisters! So here’s some of our stars from the EGO Professional range, that’ll have you blow-dry ready in no time. Enjoy!

EGO Professional EGO Evolve Hairdryer

EGO Professional EGO Evolve HairdryerOkay, first things first – how beautiful is the EGO Professional EGO Evolve Hairdryer?! We know it’s about how well the hairdryer performs in terms of function, but this is a pretty slick-looking hairdryer. It comes with 12 adjustable settings to alter the heat, speed, conditioning and also a cool shot, for providing your hair with extra shine. This ultra-advanced update on the brand’s original ALTER EGO Hairdryer features a hi-tech LCD screen and over 144 setting combinations to suit your targeted style – pretty awesome, eh?! It’s also suitable for all hair types, and comes with a narrow nozzle for precision with your styling and a ceramic coated diffuser for optimum root lift. So basically, you’ve got no excuse to be walking around donning a flat-to-your-head hairstyle now.

It’s also really interesting to note that with all the EGO Professional styling tools, the brand uses their own unique technology of combined naturally occurring mineral-laden earth Hwango and Tourmaline Red Pine Forest in Korea. This concoction formulates their ‘HW2’ technology, which plays the part in reducing frizz and preventing static. It also works to dry your hair in the quickest time possible, whilst retaining optimum moisture, without frying it off in the process.

EGO Professional EGO Boost Rollers (51mm)

thick rollers egoNow, we know this isn’t a hairdryer, it’s a roller, but four of these voluming-boosting babies will have your hair enviously big and bouncy in no time. And on the subject of voluminous blow-drys, why the hell not?! The EGO Professional EGO Boost Rollers in 51mm are the thickest in the width of the rollers in the range, so are perfect for creating loose waves with long-lasting lift from the roots, whether you’ve got thick or fine hair. Each roller is made to heat up in just seven seconds and sets the hair in minutes.

So what will you be doing today for the EGO Professional Bring back the blowdry day?! Don’t forget, you can shop the EGO Professional range on Lookfantastic, with free worldwide delivery and free UK next day delivery when you spend over £50.

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