Horse shampoo-a step too far??

Having just finished my third week as the newest member of ‘team win’ I feel ready to dip my toe into the scary cyber world of blogging. So what could be the subject of my first blog? After deliberating for a few days I realised that this was the perfect platform to tell more people about my favourite product as part of my mission to convert the world!

If you are anything like me and you spent the majority of the early ‘naughties’ feeling like your hair was never blonde or straight enough, I am guessing you were probably left, as I was, with short and extremely damaged hair. ‘Have you had your hair cut?’ became a question that both I, and probably even more so, my boyfriend dreaded. My reply, as always through gritted teeth, ‘No no I’m still trying to grow it…but thanks’. Over the years I took a number of bizarre measures to restore strength back to my dreary locks. Probably the lowest point being when my friend recommended using horse hair shampoo! This battle against my damaged hair continued until my hairdresser/best friend convinced me to try Kérastase, the Resistance Force range, because frankly I don’t think he could bear my moaning anymore. Whatever his motive was, I left the salon armed with the promise of stronger and healthier hair.


Without sounding overly dramatic it was one of the best decisions of my life! It does exactly what is says on the bottle. Quite simply: I love it! That beautiful green bottle has become a faithful friend over the years and I would always encourage anyone to give it go – you won’t be disappointed.




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