How to get shiny hair with Redken!

It’s so easy to get comfortable in the winter, to wear woolly hats, joggers and forget all about dressing up and beautifying ourselves! That’s what everyone dreams about, snow fall, big baggy jumpers and endless cups of tea. But every once in a while, you may want to leave the house and venture out in to the cold, the clear example being the work Christmas party. So we’ve put together a plan, to make sure your hair is less of dull, hat hair mess and more gorgeous, glossy and glistening. All you need is to stay under your warm blanket and order the Redken Diamond Oil High Shine collection!

Image of diamond oil high shine collection surrounded by jewellery

Step 1. Nourish and freshen up your hat hair with the Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Shampoo. The combination of coriander oil, camelina oil and apricot oil will not only ensure your hair smells beautifully fresh, but feels healthy and soft too.

Image of Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Step 2. Lather your locks with the gorgeously luxurious Redken Diamond Oil Shine Conditioner to detangle and strengthen them ahead of styling.

Image of Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Mist

Step 3. Dry your hair before sprucing up your look with a spray of the Redken Diamond High Shine Mist. Not only will your hair sparkle, but you’ll be able to control flyaways, frizz and pop it in your bag for a top up later! We can guarantee no-one will realise you’ve spent the past week hibernating!

Image of Redken High Shine Oil Mist in a Bag

Let us know in the comments box below, whether you’ve tried the Redken Diamond Oil High Shine collection. Are you pleased with your sparkly new look?





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