Mum & Me, Loving our Lubatti Lips


My lips are always drying out, I blame it on the cold, constantly changing English weather (although I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because I love lipstick and I am forever the changing colour throughout the day!) So when Lubatti offered me the opportunity to review their wonderlip product and relieve my lips I thought I’d finally find the answer to pout perfection…

However I noticed that the ‘Lubatti Wonderlip’, is actually called the ‘Lubatti Anti-Age Wonderlip’ because it’s famed for its youth defining effects. Being a just a wee spring chicken myself, I thought I’d really have to give this product a fair run for its money and test on some lips that were just as lovely but a little more mature. Queue Mum.

So with two generations trialling this product over a period of a week, would the Lubatti Anti-Age Wonder Lipmake the grade with both Mother and Daughter?

Well after using it each morning before applying my make-up, topping up throughout the day and last thing a night I noticed a definite difference in the texture of my mouth. My lips were soothed and smoothed, the Wonderlip was thick and luxurious to the touch and seemed to just ever-so gently exfoliate the dry and uneven skin away so a polished pout was revealed beneath.

And if I thought it was good, my Mum thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! She reported that she not only had softer, fuller lips, but that they were less lined and plumper than ever before. She now swears by it, and says she’ll carry it in her handbag constantly.

… And so with Mother’s day is just around the corner – I know what I’ll be getting my Mum!

Sound great? Buy yours here: lubatti Anti-Age Wonderlip £29.00 with FREE worldwide delivery


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