Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It might take you by surprise to hear that Father’s Day really is only just around the corner. On Sunday June 21st, people all around the country will be giving their Fathers cards and gifts to say thank you for all that they have done in the past year. We imagine you’re probably in a very similar situation to us – you’ve used up all other gift ideas in previous years (you know, gardening tools, mug, pointless gadget…) – and it’s no secret that the gift buying element of Father’s Day can be a real stress. Dads just always seem to be the hardest people to buy for – so here at Lookfantastic HQ, we want to make this Father’s Day as easy as possible. To do this, we’ve put a list together of our 5 favourite Father’s Day gift ideas that will be hassle free with free delivery – and the perfect present too! 

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1. Trevor Sorbie Grooming Set

Trevor Sorbie Grooming Set - Father's Day Gift IdeasOur first fantastic idea for you comes in the form of a Trevor Sorbie Stay Sharp Beard Grooming Set. If you’ve got a Dad who takes a lot of pride in his facial appearance, this set is your dream ticket, as it never fails to give barber quality results in the comfort of your own home. Included are five different styles of blade for all purposes your Dad could ever possibly need, and the adjustment levels will allow the trim that is personally suited to them. Looking technically, the high power motor and effective ergonomic design make the set stand out against its competitors, so this could be just the present you were looking for. 

2. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

Paco Rabanne - Father's Day Gift Ideas
Dads might never admit to it, but smelling good is very important to men! However, the key point to note is that they prefer an aftershave they can wear anytime, anywhere – they don’t need the choice we girls do. Paco Rabanne has got the perfect product for this – the Paco Rabanne Pour Homme Aftershave – a true classic, failsafe product. We’re sure your Dad will love the signature, masculine scent that he can use for all occasions.

3.Gentleman’s Tonic Gift Set

Gentleman's Tonic Gift Set - Father's Day

Maybe you have a Dad who is more into his bath and shower routine? If so, Gentlemen’s Tonic Shower Gift Set is spot on. This luxurious set is stylishly packaged with a shampoo, conditioner and body wash inside, all of which will give your Dad the deluxe shower experience he enjoys. Enriched with good ol’ natural ingredients, the soothing effects will last for nourished and replenished skin all day long.

4. Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

Jack Black Moisturiser
We’ve also got a ‘Double Duty’ moisturiser to tempt you with, from the advanced skincare brand Jack Black. It might surprise many women to hear that moisturising is just as much an essential element of a man’s daily routine as it is ours! Built in with an SPF 20 sunscreen, Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser is a perfect product for this time of year, and your Dad will be over the moon with the lasting results he will experience from its daily usage. It locks in moisture, keeps skin supple, balances the complexion and protects the skin from premature aging due to skin exposure – it really does cater for every need.

5. Redken Men’s Styling

Redken Hair Styling - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Our last product is suited to all those of you have hair-conscious Dads. If your Dad spends a lot of time on styling his hair, Redken have some fantastic products that will make sure his signature style stays put all day long. The Stand Tough Extreme Gel will create sharp definition at the same time as moisturising and energising, while the Firm Grasp Texturising Clay gives a matte finish to keep the natural movement of your hair. Check out Redken’s styling range on our website, and save 15% on products which will make your Dad a very happy one on the 21st June.

Hopefully after reading our Top 5 picks for this Father’s Day you’re feeling a little more inspired, and you’ll have found the gift that is just right for your Dad.  Don’t just limit yourself to the choices we’ve picked out though – here at Lookfantastic HQ, we have a whole range of top brands and products.

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Make sure you take a look at what’s on offer, and most importantly, we hope your Dad has a great Father’s Day, whatever gift you choose to give him!

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