Understanding Your Skin This Summer

With summer just around the corner, we are all looking forward to some sunshine and working on our tans!  While many people aim to attain the perfect golden glow, there are a few risk factors that we should be aware of – the biggest of which is skin cancer.  Following on from an international skin cancer awareness day – Melanoma Monday, we wanted to raise some awareness around this type of cancer.  Although it is a rare type of skin cancer; Melanoma is also the most fatal – so constant monitoring and quick body checks are essential.

How can I detect Melanoma at home?

The first signs of melanoma include new moles, or old ones which are changing.  Moles originate from the melanocytes in our skin, the cells responsible for colour pigment. When these cells are stimulated, they increase their production of melanin which displays itself as a darkened black/brown area.

But how do they become stimulated?

This often happens when they are exposed to dangerous UV rays from either natural sunlight or artificial light on sunbeds.

So, should I be scared of all moles?

Not all moles are cancerous of course, but if you fear there are any changes to them then get in touch with your GP straight away.  One easy way to keep an eye on them is to follow the ABCDE guide.  This guide is suggested by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and is used all around the world.


The earlier skin cancer is detected, the quicker it can be cured.  It is vital we all check our body regularly for any signs and seek medical advice as soon as possible.  Throughout this month we will be talking all about sun awareness and best ways in which we can make the most out of summer, as well as the best sun care products to help keep you safe in the sun!

If, like some of us here at Lookfantastic HQ, you aren’t a fan of spending too much time in the sun – take a look at our recent guide to self-tanning here and keep your skin safe this summer!

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