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ESPA Skincare: What is Tri-Active™ Technology?

ESPA Skincare: What is Tri-Active™ Technology?
Team LF
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A leading spa brand across the world, ESPA products are at the very height of luxury skincare. Nutrient-rich ingredients and naturally active botanicals make up their formulations, which help to deliver both instant and long-lasting results.

Unique to the brand, ESPA Tri-ActiveTechnology is a special blend of plant and marine actives, in addition to therapeutic essential oils, which create exceptionally effective results.

Plant Actives

Plant actives help to care for the outer layer of your skin; working superficially to deliver immediate care. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Coconut Oil work to relieve the surface of the skin. Cucumber for example, is a very well-known ingredient for providing fast relief to puffy eyes and dark circles.

This makes plant actives excellent ingredients for giving quick results, providing antidote attention to conditions such as dehydration.

Marine Actives

Marine Actives work deeper into the skin to help hydrate and remineralise.

They can help achieve longer-term results for your skin for a glowing, and naturally healthy complexion and body.

Any type of Algae or Seaweed is considered a marine active, such as Winged Kelp and Spirulina. They are extremely rich in Oxygen, Vitamins and Minerals, which help to keep the skin well moisturised and nurtured.

Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils take a little longer to be absorbed into the skin than plant or marine actives.

They have the ability to help both the health of your skin, as well as your mood and well-being.

There are many different essential oils such as Rosemary, Jasmine and Lavender, which can help to calm, energise, or balance both mind and body.

In terms of your well-being, essential oils can also help to relieve tension, assist with sleep, or revitalise and awaken the senses.

A combination of stress and mental fatigue, as well as social media and technology has left us feeling more anxious than ever, so using essential oils in your skincare routine can help to relieve these feelings, which in turn promote a more balanced well-being. When you are more balanced in yourself, you will notice a difference in the health of your skin. Daily stresses can cause breakouts and irritation, so promoting a more relaxed environment will help counteract this.

What makes Tri-Active™ Technology special?

When plant actives, marine actives and aromatherapy oils are combined, they collectively help encourage beautiful skin with both immediate and long‐term results.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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