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A Glitter Lip for Christmas with MAC

A Glitter Lip for Christmas with MAC
Team LF
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Christmas is the perfect time to play around with makeup, and we love nothing more than a glitter lip to celebrate the festive season.

We have teamed up with MAC to bring you a gorgeous berry-hued glitter lip that will make sneaking under the mistletoe even more special...

How to do a Glitter Lip with MAC and lookfantastic

Follow the steps below to create your stunning glitter lip look, courtesy of MAC Makeup Artist Rebecca Butterworth.

She has put together her expert guide, as well as some top tips for the most luscious lips to kick off the party season.

  1. Prep is paramount for a glitter lip, because glitter and pigment can highlight texture. Start by making sure your lips are super smooth by scrubbing with MAC Lipscrubtious, in whichever delicious flavour you like, and then apply Prep&Prime Lip Primer which is brilliant for smoothing out texture and creating a good- grip base for lipstick and lip-liner to grab onto and stay on longer.
  2. Tap on a small amount of concealer which will help the lipstick colour to stand out more.
  3. Grab a lip pencil that matches your lipstick shade, (e.g ‘Burgundy’ Lip Pencil goes great with ‘Hades Fire’ Metallic Lipstick,) outline your lips, then feather the lip-liner into your lips and blend with a Lip Brush.
  4. Before you apply your metallic lipstick straight from the tube, wait! If you want it to last apply with a lip brush, like the MAC #316 Brush in thin layers. If you want it to last even longer, blot each layer with a tissue.
  5. You should now have created a stunning metallic lip, but you need to add some glitter. Take a fluffy eyeshadow brush like the 217 Brush and polish on some metallic eyeshadow; the MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow makes the perfect glitter overlay.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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