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Murad answers your Exercise Questions

Murad answers your Exercise Questions
Team LF
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When it comes to keeping the skin healthy, the team and Dr. at Murad skincare know a thing or two. So, it's only natural that they understand all the mechanics when it comes to keeping your complexion glowing when you exercise.

As you probably know, exercising is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and body, and the resulting nature is that it will also help your skin. However, there can be instances when increased sweating and redness can leave the skin looking less than lustrous, which is why we sat down with the team at Murad to understand what we can do to keep our skin in tip-top shape.

How does exercise help the skin?

Exercise and energising workouts promote healthy circulation around the body, which in turn promotes the removal of toxins from the system. As the increased blood flow becomes stronger when you workout, more oxygen is carried to your cells, and more wasteful materials are removed.

The result is a healthy body and glowing skin, as your cells are filled with goodness and banish the bad.

Can exercise break me out?

On occasion, the increased sweating can cause pores to become clogged if not properly cleansed away when you finish your workout. As sweating actually removes harmful toxins from your body, when it comes out on the surface of the skin, it is carrying these toxins, which need to be removed. You don't want waste sat on your complexion so cleanse it away straight after.

The Murad Clarifying collection has been made for blemish-prone and acneic skin, but can be used post-workout to really refresh your skin and keep it completely clean. The Clarifying Wipes are a great option to use as they are incredibly handy after the gym and don't require any water to cleanse. You can then follow with your regular cleanse once you get back home.

Which exercises are good for the skin?

Any exercise is good exercise for the skin! Cardio is great for removing toxins from the system and promoting a glowing and clear complexion. However, if you are suffering from any skin problems as a result of stress, such as blemishes or dehydration, try a gentle exercise like yoga, which calms the body and helps you to relax. The result is a reduction in Cortisol, the stress hormone, which will reduce the chance of breakouts.

Why does my skin go red when I exercise?

When you exercise and increase your heart rate, your skin begins to flush and go red as the blood is pumped harder around the body. This is a great sign that oxygen is being delivered to your cells and the toxins are being removed from your system.

If you do suffer from a skin reddening condition such as rosacea, try exercise that is a little more gentle on the system and won't aggravate your skin further. Choose something like swimming or yoga, which are low impact, but still great for your body.

How can I stay hydrated while I exercise?

Always have a bottle of water with you when you exercise to ensure you stay well hydrated. Drink sips throughout your workout as you don't want to drink it all in one go, and supplement it with water-rich foods afterwards such as salads, cucumber and oranges.

Don't forget that while internal hydration is essential, external moisture for your skin is absolutely key to keeping it healthy. Murad's new City Skin Overnight Detox Mask, not only helps infuse the skin with much needed moisture, but also contains a blend of antioxidants which help to detoxify and neutralise any waste and pollutants on your skin; perfect for after the gym.

We have lots more great tips from Murad coming up over the month, so stay tuned to learn how to keep your skin gorgeous, glowing and healthy.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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