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Why pearl powder should be a part of your beauty routine

Why pearl powder should be a part of your beauty routine
Team LF
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Pearls are not only made for sitting around your neck, they are also great to use in your beauty routine. Pearls, or more specifically pearl powder, are combined with oils, lotions, creams and balms to create an illuminating paste which helps to revitalise tired and dulling complexions.

Origininating from Asian Chinese medicine, the use of pearls in skincare dates back thousands of years. While it's not shouted about in Western regimes, it's a common ingredient in Asian skincare routines, and we all know that anything big in the East works wonders.

What is pearl powder?

A natural source of calcium (thanks to its oceanic heritage), pearl powder is a finely milled dust ground from good-quality freshwater pearls.

Aside from its obvious radiance-enhancing properties, pearl powder also boasts a wealth of skincare benefits from promoting cellular renewal and detoxifying the skin, to shielding against environmental damage and smoothing out uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

How do pearls help add radiance to skin?

Pearl powder actually helps to inhibit an enzyme in our skin called tyrosinase. This enzyme is responsible for producing melanin, which helps to give the skin a deep, golden colour. By reducing production of this, the skin is naturally brightening and illuminated.

Its also rich in amino acids, which are responsible for smoothing and strengthening the skin, both of which contribute to enhanced luminosuty and radiance.

5 of our favourite pearl-infused skincare products

    Team LF
    Writer and expert
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