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The Jurlique Well-being Tips

The Jurlique Well-being Tips
Team LF
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To celebrate the launch of the LFXJURLIQUE Beauty Box, we sat down with the lovely Jurlique team to find out about their well-being tips and what you can do to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What is Well-being?

Ulrike Klein, Co-Founder of Jurlique, once said “Roses connect you to nature – to beauty within”. Those words, ‘beauty within’, are at the core of what makes us glow. A belief in our inner beauty, which translates itself into the way we nourish ourselves in life. The rituals we create in beauty and our skin. How we wake each morning and respond to the reflection gazing back at us in the mirror. Foods we choose to eat, so we maximize the nutrition in our body. All these little things reflect the beauty we see and feel within us.

Health and Well-being Tips from Jurlique

Follow these simple tips to help you and your body feel better, healthier and more energetic.

Nurture your skin

By nurturing your skin, you value and nurture yourself. The skin is your body’s largest organ, so caring for your skin and paying attention to what it’s trying to tell you is essential for both your skin and your body’s health and well-being.

Top Tip: Cleansing correctly is extremely important and is the first step to having beautiful skin. To preserve healthy looking, beautiful radiant skin, double cleanse every morning and night. Once to remove make-up and another time to actually clean skin.

Take time to digest your food

Our health is driven by the state of our gut. Energy, immunity, digestion, repair, growth and the glow of our skin all starts with how we digest our foods. The first step in good digestion is implementing mindfulness around eating. Our body’s action the digestive process and release enzymes to break down food the minute we see, smell or think about it so given it is doing that for us, it’s important to give some love back by actually slowing down in order for these actions to truly do their job.

Top Tip: Take time to sit down with each meal you eat, no matter how big or small, or how little time you have. Ever noticed that when you eat on the run, you feel uncomfortable, or dissatisfied or lacking energy later despite having eaten? This is our body giving us a quiet nudge and saying ‘excuse me, please can you just give me a little more time and let me digest that delicious meal’.

Increase your intake of Fibre

Fibre is important in the gastro intestinal system (our GIT or gut) because it keeps everything moving whilst also providing us with sustained energy. A fibre rich diet ensures our digestive motions are frequent and normal and our bowel is in tiptop shape as it creates the bulk in our digestive system to make things move. There are two types of fibre we acquire from different foods, which are both highly beneficial.

Top Tip: Kick off your day with a fibre rich breakfast to ensure you meet the needs of your digestive and energy systems to function optimally throughout the day.

5 Ways To Well-being with Jurlique

Claire is Jurlique’s UK Education Specialist who loves bringing to life the story of Jurlique and sharing her passion for natural skin care. Claire is a trained aesthetician and has worked for Jurlique for over 12 years making her the ultimate Jurlique beauty expert!

Q The Jurlique philosophy is all about health and well-being. What is your number 1 way to feel good?
Get your beauty sleep! Whilst we sleep our skin repairs itself so it is so important to let our body rejuvenate.
Q What are your golden rules for glowing skin? From skincare products to lifestyle choices?
Be sun smart, moisturise and think holistic! Looking after my skin from the inside out, including drinking lots of water and eating plenty of water-rich foods helps keep my skin looking plump and radiant. If I haven’t applying a moisturiser to my dry skin I do not feel ready to start the day, and ensuring I always apply a sunscreen is key at keeping my complexion even and my skin protected.
Q Jurlique uses amazing ingredients in all your products. Which is your favourite and why?
My favourite ingredient is Rose. When I first visited the Jurlique Farm in South Australia, I was blown away by the beauty of the rose garden. Roses are so delicate but beautifully potent, so whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, rose can be added to your beauty regime. Rose helps hydrate, revitalise and moisturise the skin giving it a refreshed look.
Q We know stress can play havoc on our skin and our body. How do you like to unwind and relax?
I love to run. When I am running, whatever my pace, I achieve the sensation of having a lighter mind and I love ending my run with a nice warm bath filled with Lavender.
Q If you could give 3 tips for a happy life, what would they be?
Love yourself because you are unique and wonderful in your own way. Don’t compare your life to others and do not judge them, as you never know the journey they have been on. Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success so always do something you love doing.
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Writer and expert
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