Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper

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For a scent that makes a statement, look at our products from the Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper collection. These shower gels, hand washes, perfumes and moisturisers all have one thing in common: their spicy, invigorating aroma. If you want a signature fragrance that's as strong as your personality, this range is right for you.

At the heart of this fragrance is the zingy tingle of pink peppercorns. This spicy scent is great for waking up your senses; use a Fiery Pink Pepper scented product in your morning shower to get ready to hit the day, and you'll be fully awake by the time you step out. As well as peppercorn, there are deeper notes provided by Ginger and Patchouli for a full-bodied fragrance.

Choose just one product from this range to make it an occasional part of your routine or, if you want the world to know your signature scent, put several together. You'll smell irresistibly spicy!

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