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Glowing Summer Makeup for Dark Skin

Glowing Summer Makeup for Dark Skin
Team LF
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If you have darker skin, it can be easy to think that most Summer makeup tutorials and advice, with talk of the best fake tan and bronzers, aren't for you. However, Summer is a great time to play around with your makeup, whatever your skin tone. These are some of our makeup favourites for bringing a bit of Summer glow to dark skin.

How to Add a Summer Glow to your Makeup Routine

Bronzer is definitely not the only way to add a bit of Summer glow into your makeup. We have a few tricks that we love to try out.

Don't forget SPF

It is definitely a myth that darker skin tones don't need to protect from the sun. All skin tones can be damaged by UV rays and it can cause dehydration and fine lines too.

The first thing you need for glowing skin is healthy skin, so applying a great primer with added SPF will help protect skin from sun damage at the same time as giving a gorgeous base for a more dewy Summer look.

Subtle Contouring

It isn't all about dramatic concealer placements and heavy layers. For Summer, using a gorgeous deep tone to add shape and definition to the jaw and cheekbones, whilst topping it off with soft glowing highlighter gives skin a 'lit from within' glow.

Soft, natural and oh-so-radiant, this is the easiest way to lift your look in the Summer- just take a look at our tutorial with Samio to see how.

Blush instead of Bronzer

Darker skins can easily look ashy and dull with the wrong colours on the cheeks. Bronzers that are deep and warm enough can be hard to find (although Lookfantastic still has some fab options) so a great alternative is a warmer, luminous blush.

Try deep pomegranate pinks to add dimension and glow to the skin, sweeping over the cheekbones and into the temples in a "3" shape. It lifts your complexion and is perfect for Summer.

Balms for Lips and Lids

Rather than going for creams and powder shadows on the lips, try out a balm. This is a gorgeous Summer trend for a radiant, dewy look and it works best on darker skintones.

For the best results, dab a small amount of balm onto the centre of your eyelids and the centre of your lids. It gives a plump, fresh look to lips and a modern, glamorous finish to the eyes, complementing a gorgeous, radiant complexion.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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