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A Perfect Night Sleep with NEOM Organics

A Perfect Night Sleep with NEOM Organics
Team LF
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Sleep is absolutely essential for mind, body and skin health. Without getting a good 7-8 hours of rest per night, you can guarantee your complexion will break out and you'll be irritable all day.

A perfect night's sleep is all in its preparation. If you hop straight into bed after a busy evening, and go on your phone to check last minute emails, you will struggle to switch off easily. By making sure you wind down well before you want to drift off, you will ensure a restful and peaceful night; one that will benefit both your energy levels and your complexion.

Switch off before Bedtime

Bright screens can cause your brain to go into overdrive, which isn't exactly the prime condition for sleep. Similarly, by reading up on news, texts and emails late at night, you can start to worry about things you've got to do and what's going on in the world, and this will mean your mind will likely be too stimulated to switch off.

Make sure you take your eyes off all computers, tablets and phones up to 2 hours before your bedtime to ensure you get the most perfect night sleep possible.

Set the Scene

There is nothing better than a tidy home, freshly-washed sheets and clean body to make you feel ready for your night's sleep.

When you have more free time at the weekend, spend a little of it cleaning your house and sorting out the laundry. Not only will you feel more organised for the week ahead, but it will mean that after a long day at work, you can spend your evening relaxing.

Plus, as the nights start to get darker, use soft lighting to help you unwind and switch off. NEOM's candles not only help to provide a gorgeously relaxing light, but their blend of essential oils balance your mood and help you drift off into a peaceful night sleep. We love the Tranquility Scent, which is infused with English Lavender,Sweet Basil and Jasmine to promote the perfect sleeping atmosphere.

Enjoy a Warm Bath

A warm bath helps you to feel a lot calmer and more peaceful as it relaxes aching muscles and lets you switch off and unwind.

Adding in Epsom Salts also helps you to feel sleepier as they are naturally rich in Magnesium, which helps to remove calcium from the muscles and relax them; perfect for making your whole body and mind feel more at ease.

Creating a beautifying bath-time routine will also help you to get a better night sleep. As you spend time looking after your body and skin, your tensions start to ease and you feel a lot more relaxed. Choose NEOM's Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, which has the same sleep-inducing scent as the candle, but can actually be poured over the skin to keep it moisturised and help you enjoy its luxuriously relaxing application technique.

Spritz NEOM's Pillow Mist

There is nothing better than getting into a freshly-made bed that smells beautifully calming. NEOM's Pillow Mist contains no chemical nasties that could harm your skin, but is instead infused with Lavender, Jasmine and Basil to fill your senses with the sweet scent of sleep.

Its light yet super powerful formula not only makes your room smell gorgeously relaxing, but the blend of therapeutic essential oils are great when you are feeling stressed, tense or are suffering with a headache, as they help to ease and revive.

Get a Sleep Routine

Set yourself a routine during the week, whereby you decide a time you want to be in bed.

By setting yourself a time, your body will naturally get into a healthy rhythm, which helps to support its 24-hour body clock. This means that you will awake feeling more refreshed and energised, as your body will know its had enough sleep each night.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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