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How to get your beauty sleep in the heat

How to get your beauty sleep in the heat
Holly James
Beauty Writer4 years ago
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With temperatures soaring across the UK at the moment, the nation has been faced with 2020's latest obstacle; getting to sleep! Up there with screaming babies and annoyingly loud neighbours, the heat can make getting a good night's rest close to impossible if you don't take the right actions. We've gathered some of the best tried and tested tips for catching some z's in the heat so that you can stop tossing and turning through the night and get your all important beauty sleep.

Take a cold shower or bath before bed

One of the best ways to cool down and lower your body temperature; cold water! Though a cold bath or shower doesn't have quite the same relaxing properties as a hot one in the winter time, it will work wonders for cooling off after a sweltering hot day, so that you can get into bed free of the heat and sweat that has built up throughout the day. To make sure that you are still winding down and putting yourself in the mood for sleep, use your usual bath salts or oils and a candle to wind down and calm your mind and body.

Use a lightweight moisturiser

When it's hot and humid, it's particularly important to make sure that you are letting your skin breathe and not covering it with heavy moisturisers that can add to higher body temperatures and feel heavy and uncomfortable. No need to compromise on your skin's hydration levels; instead, opt for a lightweight moisturiser or serum that absorbs quickly into the skin so that you are not adding to the list of things keeping you awake!

Use a mist

Not only are mists an ideal desk accessory on warmer days, they are perfect for a quick cool down during the night. Keep a hydrating and cooling mist such as the Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist in the fridge during the day time and then spray on your face and wrists when you're struggling to sleep or wake up from overheating during the night.

Have a wet face cloth on hand

Working the same way as a mist, having a damp, cool face cloth to hand during the night is advised in the heat. Make sure that you use a clean cloth that is soft on the skin to avoid irritation or breakouts and use the cloth on your forehead, wrists and back of the neck when needed to cool down.

Leave your hair to air dry

Going against your mother's number one rule when you were a child, after your cold bath or shower, go to bed with wet (or damp) hair. Just like a wet cloth would, this will help to keep your head cool throughout the night. Instead of blow drying, towel dry your hair, so that it is still slightly damp before you go to bed. This is the perfect opportunity to apply a leave in hair mask or treatment that will soak in over night so that you can sleep easy and wake up to luscious locks in the morning. If this isn't for you and you do chose to dry your hair before bed, make sure to keep your hairdryer on a cooler setting to avoid heating your head just before bed.

Use a pillow spray or sleep mist

Designed to create a tranquil atmosphere and relax both the mind and body, a pillow spray or sleep mist is beneficial for helping you fall asleep all year round. Blended with Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandalwood, the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Sleep Mist is a comforting formula that will soothe and calm the senses, helping you to relax even in the heat.

Wear a sleep mask

Another common cause for interrupted sleep in the summer; sunlight. If you struggle to drift off or are woken up too early because of the sunlight shining on into the early hours then a sleep mask is definitely for you! Made from the highest quality Mulberry Silk, the Slip Silk Sleep Mask sits comfortably on the eyes to block out light, allowing you to get your full 8 hours of beauty sleep. The soft silk doesn't feel heavy and won't stick to the skin, making it suitable for hot weather.

Other top tips for keeping cool at night

  • Don't exercise close to bedtime - though it's sensible to wait until the weather cools off in the evening to exercise, try to leave a few hours between your activity and going to bed to allow your body to cool off and relax. Taking a cool shower, as mentioned above, can also help afterwards.
  • Avoid spicy foods and alcohol - of course in the summer we're all tempted to that cool glass of Rosé in the sunshine at the end of the day, but be aware that alcohol, along with spicy foods, is known to disrupt sleep, which will only add to the problem.
  • Use lighter-weight bedding - if you're someone that has to be wrapped up in a cover whilst they sleep no matter how hot it is, make sure you're using a lightweight sheet instead of a heavy duvet cover to avoid overheating during the night.
  • Use a fan - with many silent fans now available, a fan is a great way to generate a cooling breeze in your bedroom at night. To lower electricity use, make sure that you turn off your fan when you are not using it and look for environmentally friendly options.
  • Stay hydrated - extremely important all throughout the day, make sure to stay hydrated and drink the recommended 2L of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Stick to your sleep schedule - though it may be tempting to stay up longer in the summer, with more daylight hours and a pick up in your social schedule, try and stick to your usual routine times so that you find it easier to get to sleep.
  • Flip your pillow - an old classic, we probably don't even have to mention this one, but when in doubt, flip your pillow for a cooling little reset!

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Holly James
Beauty Writer
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