Peptides and Skincare

Peptides and Skincare

Peptides are definitely the new craze when it comes to anti-aging and skincare, but unless you know what they are and how they work, it can all sound like new beauty jargon. I’m here to explain why they are a great addition to your skincare.

What are Peptides and What Do They Do?

Peptides are little chains of amino acids, responsible for protein building and development in our skin. What makes these so special is the role they play in the synthesis of Collagen.

Collagen as we know is the structure that keeps our skin firm and plumped up to give us a youthful and smooth appearance. As we start to age, the natural process of rejuvenation slows down, which means our skin is not able to produce and maintain the Collagen structure. This is where these Peptides come in!

They are absorbed into the skin’s surface and help it keep the Collagen synthesis regular. As a result, this can help to slow down the ageing process; peptides in skincare can help to decrease sagging, as well as helping to improve the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and lines.

How Does That Help Skin?

As peptides come in various forms, they can easily be formulated to cater for your skins needs.

For example, products containing the peptide Argireline can be used to give your skin a mild botox-like effect, as it works on neurotransmitters to slow down the development of lines and wrinkles.

Other forms of peptides can work on synthesis of proteins to produce more Collagen and others work on the inhibition of enzymes to reduce further break down of Collagen.

It is vital to remember that although peptides can help with slowing down and improving the aging process they will not give you overnight change like you would see with botox or dermal fillers. These are topical applications that should be incorporated in to your daily skin care routine to see long-term improvements.

The Best Skincare with Peptides

  1. MyChelle Peptide and Anti Wrinkle Serum (30ml)
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    MyChelle Peptide and Anti Wrinkle Serum (30ml)

    This has been designed to tackle the aging process while also providing hydration and nourishment to your skin.

    It is based on a complex of peptides, Argan extracts and Crocus Chrysanthus, which all work to stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin in your skin.

    These also help to reduce break down of skin structure allowing your skin to look youthful for longer.

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  2. Anthony Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum
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    Anthony Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum

    This another multi-purpose serum, which although is targeted at men, can easily be used by anyone and all skin types.

    The formula is based on Glycolic Acid as well as peptides, which allows a gentle exfoliation of the skin. As you remove dead skin cells, the active ingredients are able to penetrate much better into the skin, which allows the serum to work at the base of skin layers to stimulate Collagen production.

    The formula also consists of algae extracts that aid hydration and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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  3. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial (15ml)
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    Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial (15ml)

    This another of my favourite products that incorporates peptides into the formula.

    It is designed to be used overnight and contains a lot of ingredients that are great at targeting the signs of ageing. The formula is based on antioxidants, vitamins and Renovage, which all help to extend and improve cell life while the peptides work on production of Collagen.

    It also has a blend of essential natural oils which gives the serum its nourishing and soothing properties to all together help you achieve younger, more radiant appearance.

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  4. Dr. Brandt Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream (15g)
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    Dr. Brandt Do Not Age with Dr. Brandt Triple Peptide Eye Cream (15g)

    As most people will first notice the signs of ageing around the eye area, an eye cream is perfect to fight and minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

    The formula of this Dr Brandt Eye Cream consists of a triple peptide complex that boosts up the stimulation of Collagen and Elastin in your skin.

    Based on Shea Butter, this cream helps to strengthen and nourish, working to reduce puffiness and dark circles as well.

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