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The Essential Vitamins For Healthy Hair

The Essential Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Coming into the party season at Lookfantastic, we want your hair to look and feel amazing. That means incorporating the right vitamins and ingredients into your routine that you need for supremely healthy hair.

You might think that you can mask unhealthy hair with a range of styling products and tools, but the truth is, it’s not like covering skin with a layer of makeup. Your hair will show signs of damage, fatigue and misuse, so make sure you add in essential vitamins and healthy ingredients to get your locks back to their lustrous selves!

Top 5 Vitamins For Healthy Hair

  1. Vitamin A
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    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is absolutely essential if you want healthy hair free from excess oil and grease. It helps your scalp to produce healthy levels of sebum, which keeps your hair lubricated and moisturised.

    When your hair is dry, it overproduces oil to compensate for the lack of hydration, so keeping it balanced with Vitamin A will keep it super healthy and shiny (naturally and not from excess oil!)

    We love the Kérastase Chronologiste Balm Treatment, which contains Vitamin A and E to regenerate damaged fibres and strengthen your hair to further protect and nourish it.

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  2. Biotin
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    Biotin is probably one of the most well-known haircare vitamins, and is present in a lot of treatments and supplements. It helps to increase the elasticity of individual fibres to protect the hair against damage and breakage.

    Biotin also helps the body to produce Keratin, which is the protein that naturally makes up your own hair strands. By supporting Keratin production, Biotin can help and increase healthy hair growth.

    We love the Briogeo Blossom and Bloom Biotin Volumizing Blow Dry Spray, which adds body and bounce to your locks whilst also helping to strengthen them.

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  3. Vitamin E
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    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E helps promote healthy blood circulation by strengthening individual capillaries, and thereby increasing the oxygen flow throughout the body. By doing this, it helps to stimulate blood flow in the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

    Vitamin E also helps to repair damaged follicles by conditioning the hair and providing it with essential hydration and moisture.

    One of the sources of Vitamin E is called Inca Inchi, which is a plant that grows in Peru. It contains high levels of the vitamin, and is present in the Grow Gorgeous Split Ends Serum, which helps to repair damaged fibres and promote healthy hair growth.

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  4. Niacin
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    Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3, and is absolutely essential for healthy hair growth. It helps to boost the energy in the body and promote healthy blood flow, much like Vitamin E. It also helps to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen into the scalp to keep your hair follicles healthy.

    One of the best ways to ingest Niacin is through supplements, as when combined with other essential vitamins and ingredients, it helps to deliver them where they are needed for healthy hair growth.

    The Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements contain Niacin, alongside Biotin and Zinc to keep hair healthy and growing, and looking gorgeous.

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  5. Vitamin C
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    Vitamin C

    You might know that Vitamin C is absolutely crucial for maintaining healthy skin, but did you know it’s also just as important for maintaining healthy hair?

    Vitamin C naturally supports healthy collagen production, which is essential for ensuring your hair grows strong and healthy. But it also aids in the absorption of iron, which is extremely important when trying to improve the condition of your locks. Iron is brilliant for fortifying individual fibres and keeping them strong, so together, both Vitamin C and Iron are a powerhouse duo for healthy hair.

    The Alterna Caviar Seasilk Treatment Masque contains a blend of Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin C to provide the hair with essential hydration and moisture, while encouraging it to grow strong and healthy.

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If your hair is super damaged and very dry, then read about our top products to put some much needed moisture back into your locks.



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