Top 5 Hairstyling Tips From L’Oréal Professionnel

Top 5 Hairstyling Tips From L’Oréal Professionnel

We were lucky enough to catch up with L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador, Kelli Brookes to discuss what you can do to achieve the perfect blow dry at home. With her top 5 hairstyling tips, we can guarantee you won’t go wrong!

Kelli has spent 26 years in the hairdressing industry working on seminars in the UK and around the world  to ensure hairdressers have a good understanding of how to give the very best advice and service to their customers.

She works alongside some of the best stylists in the country at Fashion week and industry events, ensuring she is up to date with all of the latest trends and products to create the looks of the season.

The Perfect At-Home Blowdry With L’Oréal Professionnel

  1. Haircare

    Ensure you use the correct shampoo and conditioner for you. Find a product suitable for your specific hair type to ensure hair has the correct amount of cleansing and moisture.

    L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert have a range to suit all hair types!

  2. Tools

    To create the perfect blowdry you need the right tools. A good hairdryer with adjustable heat and airflow settings is key!

    If possible use a low heat setting to protect the hair from heat damage. Don’t discard the nozzle as this will ensure you get a direct airflow on the hair reducing frizz and fly-away hairs. A large section clip will help to divide the hair when drying

    Use a paddle brush to smooth the hair and a round ceramic brush for smoothing out curls or creating waves and flicks, a diffuser is good to keep curls natural, use a low speed and heat.

  3. Products

    Using the correct products for the look you wish to achieve is key. This will give the hair the foundation it needs for long lasting results.

    Use creams and serums like the Liss Control, and Mythic oil to smooth and de frizz. Blowdry sprays are ideal for a lightweight volume.

    Mousses or root lift sprays will give you extra volume and hold; try the Full Volume Extra and Root lift. Distribute products on towel dried hair evenly prior to blowdrying

  4. Sectioning

    To create a long lasting blow dry takes a little care and patience. Section the hair and blow dry each section from the roots to the ends.

    Try to use a low heat and always use a heat protecting spray to prevent heat damage. Keep the hairdryer moving and do not hold too close to the hair.

    • To add volume use a round brush and lift the hair from the roots to the ends keeping the airflow along the hair shaft to keep the cuticles nice and smooth.
    • To decrease the volume keep the roots flat using a paddle brush when drying.
    • For waves move each section around the brush until dry and blast with a cool airflow to set. Ensure the hair is completely dry.
  5. Heated appliances

    Using a heated appliance can be a great way to get you hair to stay looking great for longer.

    Always use a heat protector spray, such as Constructor before using these tools. For a super sleek finish use the L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod, as the combination of steam and heat will leave your hair looking straighter for longer.

    For curls, using a heated tong is best! The size of the barrel will determine how tight the curls are as will how big you take your sections.

    Twist hair around the tong barrel vertically for curls and horizontally for waves and use an anti-frizz hair spray, such as Fix Anti Frizz, to protect your hair from humidity and frizz.



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