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Hello! I’m Charlotte and I’ve recently started blogging at Being Charlotte! (

I’ve recently been travelling at the moment and thought blogging my experiences would be a great way to keep a journal as well as letting friends and family keep up with my adventures. I love beauty, so it’s great to be chosen as Look Fantastic’s Blogger of the Month!

As I’ve been travelling, I’ve stripped my beauty kit back down to basics, so I thought I’d create a hair tutorial that uses only a couple of tools. It’s a fishtail plait with a bit of extra volume on top that lasts all day, and this style is a great way to take you straight from summer into autumn. This has been my go-to hairstyle for when I want something a little different and I’m always asked how I do it (It’s actually super easy!)

STEP 1: Start by brushing your hair through and smoothing a little hair oil through the ends to tame any flyaways. Look Fantastic have a great range of hair oils for all budgets. I like the look of the Moroccan Oil Travel Kit! The one hairbrush I’ve brought away with me is my trusty Denman, it’s gentle on knots and great for backcombing and smoothing hair.


STEP 2:  Lift up the very top layer of your hair and using the Denman brush backcomb just underneath it to create volume.  Backcomb by taking sections of hair and slowly and gently pulling the brush backwards up the hair, start towards the root and gradually go down a few inches until you have the volume you want. When you put the top layer of hair back over it should look smooth and voluminous.


STEP 3: Take the top section of either side of your hair and pull back as if you were having a half-up/ half-down look, then push forward to create some volume and pin in place using bobby pins. I like to use two in a ‘X’ shape as it stays put all day.


STEP 4: Pull out a couple of strands of hair around the face to soften the look and make it a bit more grungy.

photo5STEP 5: Pull your hair into a low side ponytail on whichever side you want your plait to be. Be carefully not to tie the hair band too tightly as you’ll need to take it off later. Split the ponytail into two equal sections. Now we’re ready to fishtail…

photo6STEP 6: Doing a fishtail plait is easy, it just looks more complicated than a regular plait! Take a small piece of hair from the outside of one section and pass into the inside of the other section. Carry on like this down your hair and you’ll see the fishtail plait start to form. Hold each section fairly tight as you go. Once you’ve got to the ends of your hair, tie with a clear hair elastic. Gently roll the hair band at the top of the plait off and you’re left with a rather lovely looking fishtail plait.

STEP 7: To make this look more grungy, I like to mess the plait up a bit. Do this by gently pulling the plait apart a little bit. Smooth a little hair oil over the very ends of the plait if you need it, and you’re ready for summer!

Will you be trying this look out? Don’t forget, you can shop a range of haircare on Lookfantastic to help you achieve this look!




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