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Hello! We’re sisters Eve & Faye and we blog over on the Sugar Spun Sisters. We started our blog as a way of documenting our love for all things hair, beauty and fashion related – with a healthy dose of gluten free recipes for good measure.

We were delighted to be asked to be the LookFantastic bloggers of the week and, as the summer always feels like a good time to experiment with your hair, we thought we’d showcase our favourite go-to hairstyles that are quick, simple and are easy to do. Minimal effort and no heat – perfect for the gorgeous weather we have had recently!


Four summer hairstyles in four simple steps.


1.  The beachy waves – everyone’s favourite summer hairstyle and one that you don’t need to be blessed with good genes or curling irons for. All you need is some bendy rollers, hairspray and a spritz of salt spray!

Beachy waves (2) edit

Step one – Dampen your hair with some water spray. Then, get some bendy rollers and start by wrapping oddly sized sections of hair round each one. To do this, put the roller at the bottom of the hair and twist all the way up before securing it in place.

Step two – Repeat this over your whole head and mist it with hairspray. It doesn’t matter if the rollers aren’t tight or there are a few stray strands – this adds to the effortless style.

Step three – When your hair is fully dry, take the rollers out one by one and run your fingers through your hair.

Step four – Spritz all over with some salt spray, our favourite is Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray, and give your hair a good scrunch!

Check out the range of beach & surf sprays available from Lookfantastic


2. The fishtail braid – a gorgeous twist on the classic plait, and really easy once you get the hang of it!

Fishtail plait (2) edit

Step one – Brush your hair through and put it on the side you want your plait to be on. Then, divide your hair into two sections.

Step two – Get a strand of hair from the back section of hair and bring it over to join the front section.

Step three – Get a strand of hair from the front section and bring it over to join the back section. Repeat these steps down the length of your hair and secure with a bobble.

Step four – Pull the plait apart a bit for that effortless, ‘messy’ look and you’re done!

Blax make some amazing hair bands to keep this look in all day long.


3. The messy bun – the ultimate go-to hairstyle for concealing bad hair days!

Messy bun edit

Step one – Put your hair into a really high ponytail (the higher the better!) and secure with a bobble.

Step two – Get a large hair donut and pull your ponytail through it. Then, spread your hair over the donut to create a messy bun.

Step three – Tuck hair under the donut, securing with kirby grips if you need to.

Step four – Accessorise the bun with anything from a floral bun crown to a brightly coloured scrunchie!

Sleep in Roller from Lookfantastic have some amazing Bun Rings for this look


4. The braid crown – so simple and easy, it will quickly become your new favourite hairstyle!

Braid crown (2) edit

Step one – Part your hair down the middle at the back so you have a section of hair on each side. Plait both and secure with a hair bobble.

Step two – Pick a plait up and bring it over the top of your head. Depending on the length of your hair, secure the end of your pigtail with a kirby grip.

Step three – Do the same with the other pigtail, making sure it sits nicely with the other plait. Secure it in the same way (extra points if you can tuck it into the plait already on top of your head!)

Step four – Pull out a few wisps to frame your face and make the whole look that little bit more effortless and you’re done!

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We hope you have enjoyed our tips for creating four easy hairstyles – we had a lot of fun putting them together! If you do try them out, let us know over on our blog or tweet us @evejanine or @fayealexandra_!


Eve & Faye x




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