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Hi everyone, I’m Laura from heroineinheels blog, which is my little piece of the big ol’ cybersphere where I write about everything, from beauty to fashion, recipes to restaurant reviews- it’s very much a place where I can share my passions with others. I was honoured to be asked to be blogger of the week for Lookfantastic, as it is an honour like this that really does make the time and effort worth while

So first I thought I would give you a little insight into who I am and then onto the good stuff- beauty!

I started Heroine in Heels last year as a little escapism. I am unashamedly a bit of a geek. I studied computer science and management at university, and yes, it was mainly guys, and to be honest sometimes those computer nerd stereotypes are true. So while I love a good episode of Star Trek, while reading all about the latest software development, I am also very much a girl’s girl. I adore fashion, and love to spend time doing my hair and makeup (much too the annoyance of my flatmates who were queuing outside the bathroom). So as you can imagine, there wasn’t much room for girly things in my everyday life studying what I did. So that’s how Heroine in Heels came about. Most people who write fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs are somehow connected to social media/ fashion industry in some way at work, but for me it was about doing something completely different as escapism.

In the next month I am going through a big change in my life. I am moving to London to work in the corporate sector. There will be a lot of meetings, a lot of formal handshakes, and often nerve wracking deadlines. Therefore I thought I would put together my essential career girl beauty guide- those handbags must haves to see you through to the end of the day still looking confident and calm even under pressure.

My number one essential is a face powder compact. As the day wears on, our pristine foundation begins to show signs of distress. Whether that is creases round the mouth from lunch to the dreaded shiny nose. I’ve had it; running from meeting to the next, gets the blood pumping… but also straight to your cheeks. Having a compact to quickly touch up your makeup will work wonders for your confidence when talking to clients as you will feel they are actually listening to you, and not fixated on your shiny nose.


This URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN COMPACT POWDER is perfect for office handbags. It comes with its own sponge so no need to carry round an extra brush in your bag, and it has a big clear mirror. The semi matt finish is perfect for the purpose of calming down office sweats too.


Which leads nicely onto sweats. Now I know it isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but let’s face it, it happens. 3pm and the boss calls, he wants you to cover for him in a big client meeting. A lot is riding on this, and you have only an hour to prepare. Cue panic and sweating. In times like these, it is essential to carry round wipes to freshen up.


These L’OREAL PARIS DERMO-EXPERTISE TRIPLE ACTIVE IDEAL BALANCE CLEANSING WIPES are great as they are gentle on the skin and don’t leave any stick residue, which also means they are great for refreshing your body too- nobody likes a clammy hand shake. Me, nervous? No one would know!



My next essential is L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL SERIE EXPERT VOLUMETRY SOS EXTEND POWDER REFRESH. As hard as I try, my hairstyle will never last all day. Those big bouncy curls are gone by 2pm, and don’t get me started on what the rain does to my hair. In case of emergency hair disasters, I always carry around a hair fixing spray. This spray lifts the roots to re-inject volume back to limp, weathered hair, plus the powder formula absorbs the excess oil and gives texture to rework that windswept hair. Also it is handbag-size – perfect for office touch ups.



Now at the end of the week, having trotted about in heels all day every day, my feet are at breaking point. My heels are cracked, my soles are hard, and they are worn out. This is why AVEDA FOOT RELIEF is essential. I actually like to put this on while in the office (Quick trip to the bathroom) as it contains rosemary to help cool feet, giving a lovely relaxing feel while at my desk. Plus the Lavender and rosemary oils help deodorise which again is good, as no one want to smell your feet in a meeting.


Finally it is 5pm Friday, the weekend has arrived. It is time to party. Now I don’t know about you but I love having my nails painted, which you can find plenty of tutorials on my blog. However having bright colourful nails is often frowned upon in corporate work places. I painting my nails Saturday night only to scrub off the nail polish on a Sunday evening tedious, but fear not, I have the ultimate solution: STRIPLAC BUBBLE GUM UV NAIL POLISH

It is a peel off polish. It’s ingenious. It dries in 60 seconds and then when you are ready (or not as it may be) to go back to work; it simply peels away, No remover necessary.  They have a range of colours but I thought this bubble gum pink was a cute little flirty number.

And that’s it. With a few little secret weapons stashed away in your bag, you’ll be knocking back those contracts, and deadlines with ease. Pressure? You don’t know the meaning. Us women, we can take on the world.

If you enjoyed this, you can find more beauty tips over at my blog, as well as follow my own career girl adventures very soon. Feel free to drop me a line anytime over on twitter @laurajhyatt I love talking to people, no matter how random or silly, plus if you are a career girl, feel free to let me know your secret weapons, I’m going to need them soon.

London here I come



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