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Hello everyone! I’m Helen and I blog over at I’m currently a very excited Bride to Be, getting ready for my wedding next August! I’m planning on doing my own hair and make-up for the big day, there’s so many amazing products out there to create my own look. I’ve also spent many hours searching for the perfect wedding dress, but there’s no point having the perfect wedding dress if I neglect to think about how my make-up and hair will look. A big part of how a wedding dress looks is how you decide to style your hair and apply your make up. So for all you Brides to Be out there I’ve put together my ideal ‘Preparing for a Wedding’ Wishlist…


I absolutely love curling my hair with my GHD’s, I must have had them for nearly 10 years now and they are starting to get a bit tired! These GHD’s IV Violet Professional Styler (£99) really caught my eye, their colour is brilliant. Their curved design would help to create soft curls, that could then be pinned up for a beautiful bridal look.



Any product that promises to ‘brighten and your skin leaving it truly radiant’ I want to try! Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexing Correcting (£40.50) promises exactly this and would therefore be perfect to use during the months running up to your wedding.



The first facial I ever had used Dermalogica products and I’ve loved them ever since. This Dermalogica Skin Kit Normal/Oily (£25.50) would prepare your skin for your wedding day. The Cleansing Gel, Multi-Active Toner, Scrub, Active Moist and Eye Repair will all help to create healthy looking skin.



As a bride, your eye’s are probably going to be very busy – whether it be crying with joy, trying to find your new husband through the crowds of your guests or lovingly looking into your husband’s eyes, as you say ‘I do’. It is therefore really important to think carefully about your eye make-up, this Mavala Eye-Lite Waterproof Mascara Treatment in Black (£9.25) is perfect for creating ‘stunning, stand-out eyelashes’ without any worries of panda eyes!



Who doesn’t want that ‘glowing’ look on their wedding day? The problem with standard blushers is that if you cry your left with those lines where the tears have fallen down over your cheek. Benefit’s Benetint (£24.50) is the solution – you can apply this to the apples of your cheeks after your foundation but before powder. The powder sets it in place and it temporarily tints your cheeks with a gorgeous rosy glow. You can also use this product to tint your lips, making them rosier with no worry of getting lipstick on your wedding dress or guests!



After applying the Benetint this bareMinerals New Get Started™ Complexion Kit in Light (£36.75) will help to give you that flawless look. The variety of shades available within this set will allow you to create the perfect shade for your skin, which just sounds ideal for someone like me, who has naturally very pale skin.



Essie Allure Nail Polish £10.95 is a slightly shimmery, pastel tone that I think would be perfect for anyone’s wedding day. A coat of this nail varnish would accentuate your white tips, making your nails look gorgeous.


My Wishlist items are all available at I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my bridal wishlist, don’t forget to go and check my blog out ( for more beauty, wedding and lifestyle posts or follow me on Twitter @Treasure_E_M :)


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