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Hi guys! I’m Caroline from -my blog is my little slice of the internet where I share my love of beauty, fashion posts, DIY projects and my unhealthy obsession with nail art! I’m super excited to be blogger of the week here at the beauty hub (thanks for having me!)


So how did I start blogging? Well I didn’t even know what a blog was until just over a year ago it was actually my boyfriend suggested that I start one myself!!


I’m an artist by trade so was always crafting; I thought it would be fun to share my DIY projects with my friends and so my blog began. It evolved as I discovered nail art and began to share pictures of my latest nail creations! Eventually the blog became more beauty and fashion focused and burkatron was born.


My favourite type of beauty products tend to be nail polishes and hand care as that’s what I’m always experimenting with! I do have a huge love of skincare though especially now that I’m getting older I like to take care of my skin and have full night time skin regime that I follow religiously! When I was younger I was always falling asleep with my make up on (naughty!) but blogging has led me to discover some great brands and now I love pampering myself after a long day!


I though I’d share a simple nail art tutorial with you today ( I hope you like it!) it’s inspired by the great Gatsby movie and 1920 glamour!


Step 1: pick your colours! I opted for a nails inc deep rich green called ‘Queen Victoria Street’ and a beautiful 3D effect glitter ‘Grosvenor Gardens’

step 1

Step 2. Paint the base colour and leave to dry

step 2

Step 3. Using masking tape mark off a triangle at the base of your nail!

step 3

Step4. Use the glitter polish to fill in the triangle and remove the tape once dry.

step 4

Step 5. Use a fine brush to outline the glitter triangle in white to create an art deco themed nail art design. Seal with topcoat to finish!

step 5

People are always asking me how to grow their nails and maintain them so my top tips for you guys are nail care related!

  • Give yourself a manicure once a week! I always take an hour out at the weekend to give my hands some TLC. Soak them, trim any rough edges (to avoid breaking) file them smooth, push back your cuticles and finally smother your paws in a good hand moisturiser!
  • Use a nail strengtheners (like O.P.I nail envy) I started to use one regularly 6 months ago when my nails became brittle and flaky. My nails are the now the longest and healthiest they have ever been.
  • Invest in a good quality top coat like Seche Vite. A good top coat will help stop polish from chipping and extend your manicure much longer! It will also help to strengthen your nails so they’re less likely to bend and break.


Are any of you thinking of starting a blog yourself? You should! Blogging is incredibly fun and has brought some fantastic opportunities my way! It’s also a great community; I’ve made so many friends and wonderful people! I have a few tips for you to help get you started:


  • Write about what you love; trust me your readers will enjoy reading a post that is genuine and reflects you.
  • Take good clear pictures; you don’t need fancy equipment (lots of mine are taken on an iPhone!) just make sure your have plenty of natural light and take more pictures than you need so you can pick the best to use!
  • Only write when you want too! Don’t force yourself to write a post if you aren’t in the mood! You don’t have to post every day and quality is more important than quantity!
  • Be unique! Don’t be a copycat of other blogs out there, you may be writing about the same product but inject your own personality into a review and ALWAYS be honest!


I hope you enjoyed reading; please come and say hi over at I’ll be putting up new nail art tutorials for you soon!



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