GUEST POST: Beauty Haul Uncovered

I’ve always found people that collected stamps, birdwatchers or Eddie Stobart lorry enthusiasts a bit odd if I’m completely honest, I’ve never understood how people can become obsessed with such strange and seemingly insignificant things, until now. Since the rather large storage unit that I only bought last year to keep all my make up in is now completely redundant as only half of my collection will fit in it, I can now confirm that I have my own little obsession.

Like many other women, I find it hard to resist new or limited edition make up collections. But unlike these other women, even if I don’t have the funds to buy Benefit’s latest blusher, I will buy it anyway. I am entirely convinced that if it weren’t for make-up, I would have never needed my student overdraft. My obsession with make up grew as sadly I never did, with a lacklustre height of just five foot nothing clothes shopping became a nightmare. Make up made me feel more confident, even if I was half a foot smaller than all my friends. I started understanding what would suit me and how to enhance my features that I liked, whilst concealing those that I didn’t!

My make-up wishlist is something that only ever seems to grow, regardless of how much I ever buy. There always seems to be something new and exciting to try out. My wishlist has become so long that it is now a running joke with my family and friends.


But where does this leave me? A true lookfantastic fan with thousands of amazing products at my fingertips, I don’t even have to leave the house! I’m going to embrace my little obsession of course. My newest fixation has to be Korres. Their Vanilla Plum shower gel makes me smell like a Greek bakery, and as a Greek girl myself that can only be a good thing and their Wild Rose moisturiser has made my skin look the best it has in years.

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