How To Exfoliate The Right Way

Exfoliation is one of the most important steps for your skin and here at Lookfantastic we think you should incorporate this into your everyday routine to brighten your skin and leave it feeling fresh again.

So here are some of our top exfoliation products and tips to get you feeling buff again.

Bliss FatGirlScrub

Bliss Fatgirlscrub

Stimulate your skin and buff away dead skin cells with this innovative body scrub from Bliss. Designed to help flush out fluids that cause lumps and bumps under the skin, which makes the appearance of cellulite that little bit less noticeable.

Top tip – scrub in circular motions towards the heart to boost circulation for the best results.

Jason Apricot Scrubble Facial Wash & Scrub

Jason Apricot Scrubble Facial Wash & Scrub (128ml)

Using a gentler scrub on your face is essential, not only will it have the same effect of a body scrub it will gently nourish and hydrate your skin to make sure no damage occurs to this more delicate area. This Apricot Scrubble Facial Wash & Scrub from Jason uses apricot kernels to remove any dry, flaky skin on your face whilst aloe vera gel and jojoba sooth and polish skin.

Hydrea London Organic Egyptian Loofah Face Pad

Hydrea London Organic Egyptian Loofah Face Pad (10Cm)

Made from pure soft Egyptian cotton, this Organic Loofah Face Pad effectively removes dirt, grime and dead skin cells. Use in circular motions across your face to stimulate circulation and improve skin tone.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub 200ml

This luxury body scrub from L’Occitane promises to give you a soft and enviable finish, formulated with a rich source of Shea Butter you’ll see that your skin looks brighter and feels healthier from such concentrated nourishment. Scrubbing away dead skin cells whilst removing impurities with finely ground nutshells.

Hydrea London Walnut Wood Dry Skin Brush

Hydrea London Walnut Wood Dry Skin Brush

A dry skin brush should be within the routine of every woman that wants to look after their skin. Made with 100% cactus fibre bristles, this Walnut Wood Dry Skin Brush from Hydrea London stimulates lymphatic drainage through exfoliation whilst smoothing and boosting skins circulation. Reduce the appearance of cellulite and boost the appearance of your skin with a dry skin brush that leaves you with a radiant glow.



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