The Anti Valentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s day is a day that splits the nation. On one side we have the eternal romantics who love an occasion to get mushy and proclaim their love for one another, and in the other camp we have the rebels who don’t want to be told when to celebrate their love.

This guide isn’t about either of those parties, it is about you, the single lady! We see Valentine’s Day as a chance to spend some quality time looking after no.1, and because of this we have put together a list of wonderful pamper products, to help you relax, unwind and have a good time.

To truly relax after a long day we recommend running a bath, lighting a scented candle and finding a good book to kick back and drift away into a fantasy land.


Step 1.

Run a bath and add some of this amazing Ren Rose Otto Bath oil, the amazing aroma will lift your mood and give you 100% relaxation, while moisturising your skin.

Step 2. 

Light the Neom Complete Bliss Travel Candle, and once the candle burns you will be met by the most sensual aromatic fragrance, which will instantly transport you to a beach somewhere far far away.

Bath Set for Valentine's Day Pampering

From L to R: Ren Rose Otto Bath Oil, Neom Travel Candle, Hydrea Body Buffer and the Aveda Carribean Therapy

Step 3.

Grab your favourite body scrub like the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Salt glow and give yourself a deep massage to stimulate all the skin’s blood cells and get the circulation pumping. To give your skin a deep exfoliation, use the Hydrea London Sisal Natural Exfoliating sponge, it will give you a real deep scrub and your skin will feel silky smooth afterwards.


Step 4.

Once you’re out of the bath, take a luxurious body cream such as the Aveda Caribbean therapy body cream and lather your skin in it, giving it time to sink into your dry areas, such as elbows and knees. This will make you feel like a million dollars and totally pampered.

Now if your anything like us at Lookfantastic, we would dose off at this point, but if you haven’t had enough ‘me’ time we recommend finishing that book you have been reading, or finding a good film to watch on TV, getting a nice glass of wine and maybe a few chocolates to accompany the vino.

We hope you enjoy our relaxing suggestions and let us know how your Valentine’s evening goes in the comments below!



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