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Beauty Secrets Our Ambassadors Swear By

Beauty Secrets Our Ambassadors Swear By
Sophie Pigg
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Everyone has their own special tips and tricks for feeling beautiful. On the shoot for Lookfantastic's Beauty Secret Advent Calendar reveal, we asked 9 of the best beauty influencers to share their secrets behind their looks.

Beauty Blogger Beauty Secrets

These are some of the best beauty bloggers and YouTubers around in the UK right now. Beauty obsessives, they know everything there is to know about the latest products and best beauty tips. Find out the Beauty Secrets they swear by.

Patricia Bright:

Patricia Bright opening advent calendar shoot

Coconut oil for EVERYTHING!!!

Coconut oil is great for both hair and skin. It helps hair grow healthily and gives it a lovely shiny finish and acts as a great moisturiser for the skin. As well as making your hair and skin healthy, nourished and soft, coconut oil also helps prevent premature ageing.

Stacey Macdonald:

Stacey Macdonald opening advent calendar shoot

Blind curl your lashes

Stacey suggests curling your lashes before applying your mascara. If you curl your lashes after putting on your mascara, then your lashes can become harder, which can cause your lashes to be pulled out. Keep things fluttery by curling first instead.

Lydia Elise Millen:

Lydia Elise Millen opening advent calendar shoot

Drink more water!

Drinking lots of water is beneficial for many reasons. To begin with it helps your skin look healthy and hydrated and as well as benefits for your skin it also increases your energy and helps to flush out any toxins from the body. It is the secret to that inner glow.

Ali Gordon:

Ali Gordon opening advent calendars shoot

Put hairspray on a spoolie brush then brush eyebrows upwards

Ali shared a tip he learnt from his girlfriend, Lydia. Who says men can't have perfect brows too? Applying hairspray to a spoolie brush and brushing in small upwards actions along the brow can make the eyebrows look nice and groomed.

Meg Says:

Meg Says opening advent calendar

Beauty comes from within

Sometimes beauty is all about the mindset. Meg believes that the no matter what make up you wear or what you do with your hair, the best thing that you can do is always smile and believe that beauty comes from within you.

Leanne Lim Walker:

Leanne Lim Walker opening advent calendar shoot

Good skincare

Like Leanne, we believe that looking after your skin is a must. Morning and night, having a constant beauty routine will improve the condition of your skin. Even if you aren't skincare obsessed, having a great cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising routine can make all the difference.

Nina Vee:

Nina Vee opening advent calendar shoot

Eyeliner as lip liner

Dark lipstick fans can often struggle with feathering and bleeding. Nina's favourite trick is to use eyeliner as a lip liner to  ensure a good colour match and a neat finish. Just make sure to use one eyeliner for the eyes and another for your lips to avoid spreading any bacteria.

Imogen Hudson:

Imogen Hudson opening advent calendar shoot

Facial mist is a must

Imogen applies facial mist at the start of the day and then throughout the day to ensure her skin looks great throughout the day. You can apply it underneath your moisturiser to lock the minerals into your skin, apply it during each stage of your makeup routine to get a great texture and to set makeup and to create a great finish.

Sabrina Britton:

Sabrina Britton opening adevent calendar shoot

Illuminators are key to fresh glowing skin

Sabrina uses illuminators to create her fresh glowing skin. It enhances your features and gives your skin a flawless finish. Whether you prefer the cream, liquid or powder illuminatiors, there is a glow for you.

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Sophie Pigg
Writer and expert
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