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How to achieve brushed-up brows with HD Brows

How to achieve brushed-up brows with HD Brows
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Brushed-up brows are a beauty trend gracing the catwalks of fashion week season after season. The go‐to brow trend of supermodels and celebrity make up artists is perfect for adding definition to sparse ot thinning brows as it instantly makes them look fuller.

You can easily create this look yourself in just a few simple steps and a little helping hand from some HD Brows products.

Are brushed-up brows right for me?

Unlike a lot of the beauty trends that come from the catwalk, the brushed up brow is totally wearable in day‐to‐day life. Keep it soft and natural for an effortlessly looking finish that works perfectly with ‘no make up’ make up, or go for an extreme brushed up look if you prefer a more defined finish.

How to achieve brushed-up brows in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Firstly, you need to brush your hairs upwards using the Spoolie Brush. Set your brows in the desired position using the Brow Wax and a flat foundation brush.

  • HD Brows Spoolie Brush

    HD Brows Spoolie Brush

  • HD Brows Brow Wax

    HD Brows Brow Wax

    3 Stars 2 Reviews

Step 2

Fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil. The ultra‐fine tip of the Browtec is perfect for creating hair strokes through the brow, keeping your brushed up look as natural as possible. Use a light hand to keep your hair strokes nice and soft.

  • HD Brows Browtec (Various Shades)

    HD Brows Browtec (Various Shades)

    3.86 Stars 7 Reviews

Step 3

Now you need to make sure those hairs are locked in place all day. The Brow Colourfix is perfect for keeping hairs brushed up thanks to its super strong hold. The formula of this tinted gel coats hairs in colour to make your brows appear fuller and give an on‐trend textured finish.

  • HD Brows Brow Colourfix (Various Shades)

    HD Brows Brow Colourfix (Various Shades)

    3.67 Stars 3 Reviews

Step 4

Finally, add definition under the brow using the Brow Highlighter and blend out with the Brow Highlighter Brush for a runway‐ready finish.

  • HD Brows Brow Highlighter

    HD Brows Brow Highlighter

    5 Stars 1 Reviews
  • HD Brows Brow Highlighter Brush

    HD Brows Brow Highlighter Brush

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