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#IAmFantastic with Pureology

#IAmFantastic with Pureology

Pureology were the haircare geniuses behind the gorgeous hair at the #IAmFantastic shoot.

We spoke to Laurence Whitaker, Product Manager at Pureology UK to find out why the brand was perfect to tend to our ambassadors tresses.

Pureology is all about safe colour care and using natural ingredients to gently care for the hair. Without the use of harsh chemicals and nasty ingredients, even the most sensitive of hair types and scalps can know that their hair is in good hands.

A Q&A with Laurence Whitaker, Pureology

Question: How did you get into the beauty industry?

I took an internship at L’Oréal 5 years ago and fell in love with the company and the industry. It links creativity, personality and science perfectly, making it my perfect venture.

Question: What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is all about how someone feels. You should be able to feel confident with your natural beauty and share this confidence with everyone who you meet. Pureology is all about making you look and feel the very best version of yourself.

Question: What is your favourite beauty product?

The Colour Fanatic system is my favourite range from Pureology. I especially love the Leave-In Treatment Mask, which has 21 beautifying benefits for the hair and works for everyone. Plus, as its powerful blend of natural ingredients are encapsulated together, it works incredibly quickly like a normal conditioner, so you don’t need to spend any more time getting ready than you would usually do.

In the salons, we ask the client to note down every possible hair concern they have, and as we look at the mask together, we tick off the benefits it has that are able to combat these concerns and everything gets ticked. It really does everything and gives the power of a mask, with the speed of a conditioner.

Question: Why is the brand great for this campaign?

The brand itself was founded 15 years ago in California. Our founder wanted to develop a line of products for one of his friends who was undergoing chemotherapy and couldn’t use traditional harsh formulas. Pureology was born out of the desire to use gentle ingredients that really work, and make the user feel amazing about themselves.

The Pureology promise is all about “no compromise colour care”. This means you can feel confident knowing your colour looks and feels fantastic for longer. Pureology gives you the confidence and trust that your hair is in its best state and that your colour will last longer, so you can feel secure knowing your locks are in the best hands.

They are also formulated with the most luxurious and natural ingredients, with fragrances inspired by a unique spa system. This helps everyone who uses Pureology to feel very pampered, and enhance their natural beauty so they can celebrate their gorgeous hair.

Question: What makes you look and feel fantastic?

I think I feel the most fantastic when I find the thing that makes me the most fulfilled. The moments where I feel the most alive are the ones where I look fantastic.

Question: What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’m only 26 and still feel pretty young, so perhaps I can give some advice to my older self. Stay true, stay passionate and keep it colourful!

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