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Which ARKIVE by Adam Reed treatment is best for my hair?

Which ARKIVE by Adam Reed treatment is best for my hair?
Tara Stevenson-Smith
Writer and expert2 months ago
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Whether you have straight, coily, curly or frizzy hair, there is an ARKIVE Headcare product for every hair concern. To celebrate the exciting launch of ARKIVE Headcare on LOOKFANTASTIC, we asked the founder of the brand and haircare expert, Adam Reed himself, to give us the inside scoop on the best ARKIVE hair treatments for every hair type and concern, so you can achieve salon-worthy locks at home!

“I created ARKIVE as I saw a gap in the haircare market for self-care that was specifically hair-related. It was important to me to come up with a range of haircare that had all the benefits of feel-good products,” he says.

“My favourite product has to be The Good Calmer Cushioning Cream. I absolutely love the result that you get from it, smoothing, nourishing, adding shine, very multi-functional, and of course making your hair smell great!”

Now we’ve learned Adam’s favourite formula – but which one is right for your personal hair type? Discover Adam’s top tips, tricks and products to help make our washing and styling routine a whole lot easier...

Best ARKIVE Headcare products for oily hair 

If oily hair is your cross to bear, Adam is on-hand to share his favourite formulas to combat excess sebum from the root.

“For oily hair, I would recommend using the All Day Extra Shampoo and Conditioneras these products will provide you with beautifully clarified scalp, roots and hair. Another great product to use would be The Crown Scalp Scrub, as this will help to remove product build-up and reduce any excess oil,” he recommends.

“The Movement Dry Texturizing Sprayand The Reset Dry Shampoo are also amazing products for oily hair as they absorb excess sebum whilst nourishing the scalp, which would be great to keep hair feeling styled and volumized without adding any product weight to the hair.”

Best ARKIVE Headcare products dry & damaged hair 

Tresses in need of some serious TLC? Then keep reading, as Adam has shared the best ARKIVE products and his top tips to help save you strands!

Adam says, “For dry and damaged hair, I would recommend using The All Day Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner as they are infused with Baobab Protein and Baobab Oil (our hero ingredients) which help to add strength and moisture to the hair,”

The Prologue Primeris also a great product to use to help protect the hair and prevent damage while using heat and styling. The Good Habit Hybrid Oil, The Good Calmer and The Future Youth Treatment Mask are also great products to help nourish the hair throughout your routine.” He reveals.

Best ARKIVE Headcare products for curly hair 

Embracing your natural curls can be tricky when you don’t know where to start – but luckily Adam is here to share his pro advice on how best to look after your curls:

Adam suggests, “For curly hair, the best product to use is the All Together Now Co Cleanse, as a part of your double cleansing routine. You can the Co Cleanse every 2-3 times and then alternate by cleaning with the The All Day Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner .”

He also says: “I’d also recommend The Future Youth Treatment Mask, The Good Habit Hybrid Oil, The Good Calmer or The Headliner Modern Definition Gel if you’re looking to keep your hair looking natural, defined, and curly.”

Best ARKIVE Headcare products for coily hair 

Unlocking your perfect coily hair routine and embracing your natural hair type has never been easier, thanks to Adam’s 5-star recommendations...

“I would recommend the same products I’ve suggested for curly hair, although with coily hair it’s more about how you prep and style the hair. The Crown Scalp Scrub would be absolutely brilliant, as would The Root-ine Scalp Serum because you tend not to wash the hair so much when you have coily hair, so The Root-ine will help keep the scalp really healthy,” he reveals.

“You can also use The Future Youth Treatment Mask as a ‘pre-poo’ which is amazing to soften the hair and prepare it for shampooing, leave a tiny little bit of The Future Youth in the hair or just put a pea size in with your styling products to keep it moisturised and nourished.”

Best ARKIVE Headcare products for wavy hair 

Embark on your wavy haircare journey with Adam’s favourites for frizz-free, long-lasting locks with effortless texture.

“For wavy hair, I would recommend using The All Day Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner , The Good Habit Hybrid Oil, The Prologue Primer, and The New Form Blow Dry Spray. You can either leave the hair natural, defining it with your fingers or you can use a styling tool to define the wave,” he suggests.

"If using a tool, I would recommend The Mastery Liquid Hairspray in sections whilst you're using your styling tool for enhanced shine and longevity in your style.”

Best ARKIVE Headcare products for finer hair 

Looking after finer hair can be tricky and frustrating, with products often feeling too rich or heavy on thinner strands. But, with Adam’s help and his expert approved products, we are sure you’ll pick up a trick or two!

"For fine hair I would recommend using The All Day Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner, The Crown Scalp Scrub, The Body Hybrid Mousse.” Adam’s advice? “Prep your hair before styling with The Prologue Primer which will give you an incredible foundation for longevity and hold, maintaining long-lasting volume.”

Best ARKIVE Headcare products for thick hair 

Blessed with thick hair but struggle to manage it all? Not to worry! Your perfect strand-saving routine for thicker tresses is finally here!

Adam says: “For thick hair, I would suggest using The All Together Now Co Cleanse and The Future Youth Treatment Mask. I’d always recommend using two different types of cleanser in your routine, using the Co Cleanse every 2-3 times and The All Day Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner in between, just to keep the hair feeling really fresh.”



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Writer and expert
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