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How your diet affects your skin

How your diet affects your skin
Team LF
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If you have ever wondered how your diet affects your skin, you're in luck. We're delving into which foods can cause breakouts on the complexion, and looking at how you can combat it with both a change in diet and some powerful beauty products.

How does your diet affect your skin?


If you are breaking out on your forehead, it can be a sign that you're eating too many fatty foods and ingesting too many toxins. If you have been indulging in fast food, chocolate or rich and indulgent meals, try and cut back and you will notice a huge difference.

In addition, add in the the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, which helps to smooth out uneven skin tone. It is real skin saviour when you're having a blemish breakout as it helps to clear them straight up!


An oily t-zone with spots appearing can show an underlying cause of liver problems, which can be due to drinking too much alcohol. Try to avoid it where you can, and instead drink lots of filtered water and purifying green tea. Try adding the Bodyism Beauty Food into smoothies and water. It contains green tea, amongst other beautifying ingredients to clear out the toxins and get you glowing again.

For a skincare treat, try the Konjac Sponge Green Tea Facial Puff, which helps to deeply cleanse the skin and balance oil production to help keep impurities at bay.


Linked to your heart, any breakouts on the nost can be linked to high blood pressure. Try to cut down on your salt intake, and eat more fruits and vegetables that will help promote heart health and lower blood pressure. In addition, taking time to reduce your stress levels will help.

Take a relaxing bath twice a week using a bath oil to help unwind. The warm water and blend of essential oils will help you to find your inner peace; we love the ESPA Restorative Bath Oil, which not only smells beautiful but helps to deeply nourish the skin and provide a calming environment.


Breakouts on the chin can be linked to hormonal problems, but also an excess of dairy products and oil. If you are getting a spotty chin, try and cut back on yoghurt, milk and cheese, and look to vegetables like kale and spinach to get your calcium from instead.

In addition, using skin acids such as glycolic and lactic acids in this area can help to keep bacteria and impurities at bay so you reduce the chance of breakouts. We love the Pixi Glow Tonic, which feels super gentle on the skin but is powerful enough to keep the skin clear and glowing.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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