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Overhaul Your Haircare Routine With KMS Hair

Overhaul Your Haircare Routine With KMS Hair
Team LF
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KMS is a haircare and styling brand dedicated to providing you with high-performance and creative products.

Working with a team of global hairdressers, artists and creatives, KMS fuse their expertise and knowledge with community influence to deliver the most stylish and ground-breaking technology for your hair.

We curate style from the most inspiring places around the world: Runways, Urban Fashion Districts, The Streets - KMS

What is KMS Hair?

Taking inspiration from everything around them, at the core of KMS is still their high-performance values. The exclusive and unique KMS Hair Trifinity Technology is what makes the brand so successful in delivery healthy hair.

Trifinity Technology is essentially following the 3-step haircare regime prescribed by KMS. Like same-branded skincare products work in synergy with each other, so do the KMS Hair products. Each one compliments the next, to deliver unrivalled and beautiful results.

  1. Start - These are KMS shampoo and conditioner products you use at the very beginning of your haircare regime. With a unique AHA Structure Complex, they help to cleanse the hair and keep it free from product build-up. By doing so, they work to prime the hair so that the next step in your regime works to its best advantage.
  2. Style - These products helps you to create the style you want for your hair. They contain the KMS exclusive Innovating Shaping Blends, which allow you to structure your hair the way you want to.
  3. Finish - The end of your haircare routine; each product in this collection contains Flexible Sealing Compounds. These help your hair to stay in place and protect your gorgeous style.

The KMS Haircare Routine

No matter your hair type, everyone loves having full and voluminous locks. The KMS Volume collection has been designed especially to gently cleanse the hair and leave you with shinier, bouncier and healthier locks.

    Team LF
    Writer and expert
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