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LFXJURLIQUE: The Power Of Roses

LFXJURLIQUE: The Power Of Roses
Team LF
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The heritage Roses grown at the Jurlique biodynamic farm have been at the heart of their skin care since the brand began. They were one of the very first flowers planted by the founders, Jurgen and Ulrike Klein, back when they started the first Jurlique Farm at Ngeringa in 1985. Today, they grow six varieties of old-style David Austin roses.

When we started to create the first Jurlique skin care range, there was no question that the Rose would be at the forefront of whatever we did. It would be one of the main ingredients - Ulrike Klein

The Power of roses

It was not just the knowledge that Roses have excellent hydrating, soothing and enhancing qualities that led the founders to make it a major part of the Jurlique skin care products.

When I go back in my mind to the gardens that were around me where I grew up, all the plants were Roses – not hybrids, but old Roses, with this amazing scent. So I’ve always had an innate connection to Roses - Ulrike Klein

According to Ulrike, scent plays a critical role in making Rose skin care more than simply beauty products. Jurlique want connect people back to nature, and back to themselves. They believe that the Rose is right at the top of that and can help in making people to feel centered.

The essential oil of the Rose connects you to nature, to beauty within. It refreshes; it enlivens. It makes you feel alive. It makes you feel positive. It’s this connection that our Rose products create to the customer within that is the secret of their success - Ulrike Klein

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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