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Skin Glowing Tips For The Colder Season With This Works

Skin Glowing Tips For The Colder Season With This Works

It’s easy to assume that as winter approaches our skin goes into hibernation. Wouldn’t it be nice to think that, as the clouds roll in and we pack away our sun creams, everything switched off and went into “sleep mode” for 6 months? Unfortunately winter is not such an easy ride for our poor skin cells. Frostier climes and late nights await them throughout the so-called “party season”. Changing up your skincare therefore is essential. To help you on your way we’ve put together a handy care-calendar and our easy skin glowing tips.

The Best Skincare Tips For The Colder Months

  1. October: Time To Repair

    Thanks to that last glimmer of sunshine we had in September, your skin is still likely to be feeling dehydrated, sensitised, perhaps a little sun damaged or even peeling. Add a trans-seasonal skincare fix to your regime to repair any damage, regenerate cells and then prepare them for the cold ahead.  Treatment masks are brilliant for aiding in that transition.

    After cleansing in the evening apply a thin layer of This Works’ No Wrinkles Time Dose Mask, and here comes the clever bit. Leave it on your skin for as long as you need – a 10 minute dose will give instant hydration and visible plumping but overnight it will actually resurface and exfoliate the skin thanks to natural fruit acids.

    Top Tip: Don’t stop using SPF during day. Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need the protection.

  2. November: Time To Prepare

    Start banking “goodness” – like a squirrel storing nuts.  November skin doesn’t yet require the thicker, heavier duty moisturisers that we need in the depths of winter, so it’s all about finding a balancing serum. This Works’ No Wrinkles Active Serum, used in the morning, is packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to help combat free radicals, encourage cell renewal and promote the production of collagen.

    Switching the heating on? Dry heat from radiators pulls water from your skin and the cold strips away your skins natural oils.  Skin may also be irritated by long hot showers and big woolly jumpers. Switch up your gradual tanning moisturiser for something more nourishing but equally as perfecting like This Works’ Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil.

  3. December: Time To Defend

    Change up your cleansing regime.  Micellar waters – as convenient as they are – should be swapped for cleaning balms or creams that give your skin a mini facial each time you take your Christmas party make-up off.  This Works’ light time cleanse & glow is a vitamin fuelled wonder wash reduces the appearance of fatigue and helping prevent skin damage from environmental aggressors to boot.

    Time to put up the defence system. Ditch you regular moisturiser in favour of something that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier as well as nourishing intensively what’s on the inside. This Works’ In Transit Skin Defence SPF30 contains moisturising Hyaluronic Acid to soothe redness and irritation from the cold, as well as Vitamin E to fight pollution.

    Prone to extreme dryness? Reach for a protective balm like This Works Turbo Balm, rich in Monoi Oil.  Avoid anything that contains Petroleum too! Whilst this will act as a humectant, it won’t actively nourish your skin. Don’t forget to protect the skin on your hands too.



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