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How to switch to sustainable bodycare with Fiils

How to switch to sustainable bodycare with Fiils
Holly James
Beauty Writer2 years ago
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"With the emerging impact that waste is having on the world’s climate crisis, it’s now more important than ever to shake up our everyday routine into something more sustainable" says Anna Priadka, founder of Fiils. Enter Fiils, the refillable beauty brand, offering organic and naturally formulated hair and body care that can be recycled and reused. Promoting the idea that small changes can lead to a big impact, Fiils encourage everyone to start with their beauty routine when it comes to adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Why is sustainability important?

When it comes to sustainability in beauty, the real problem is waste, whether that be single-use plastic or products being washed down the drain. "Whilst beauty packaging can certainly look enticing, there is no doubt that it’s being created in excess, with an estimated 120 billion units of plastic packaging being produced every year by the global cosmetics industry[1]" says Anna. "To add to this, once we’ve used up our favourite products, only 14% of beauty packaging makes it to a recycling plant, only 9% of this is recycled and the rest heads to landfill[2] or worse, the ocean" she adds, explaining that many of us are still prioritising convenience over potential fallout for the planet.


What are the benefits of sustainable beauty?

"A more sustainable routine means less waste and environmental impact, and therefore contributes a small way to preserving the planet" clarifies Anna. She explains that we need to move away from single-use products and think more about what we buy, as well as who and where we are buying from. "Ultimately, the products that we buy should be designed and sold with the intention that their raw materials can be reused, and ideally only use sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients or materials, keeping our waste out of the natural environment".

With the Fiils refill and reuse model you can leave your eco-guilt at the door. "Our stress-free, single-use plastic-free products are packed full of natural ingredients that are ACENE natural and organic certified and vegan certified" assures Anna.  "Fiils’ concentrated formulas use aloe vera as the base rather than water, and have a viscose texture which results in you needing less product so your refills last longer too – win, win" she adds.

More important than ever at the moment, adopting a more sustainable beauty routine can be much more cost-effective. "Buying refills are a great way to save some money and the environment! Thanks to their less packaging, refills are often more cost-effective compared to buying a regular new product" confirms Anna.


Why choose Fiils?

"Our refill pouches are made from a thin layer of aluminium with 80% less plastic making them even lighter to ship and saving over 30% carbon emissions compared to a regular shampoo supply chain, and it doesn’t stop there either…" says Anna. "Our reusable lifetime aluminium bottles not only look good, but do good, made from 100% aluminium which can be infinitely recycled. Currently there’s a 79% return rate on the refill scheme – proof that consumers are hooked on doing good and committing to closing the circular beauty loop. In fact, so far Fiils has saved over 47,000 plastic bottles heading to the landfill, that’s equal to the weight of 68 elephants!"

As effective for skin and hair as they are kind to the environment, all of Fiils' formulas are powered by natural ingredients. "Whilst all our formulas have different benefits, they have some things in common. Like the fact that they are all vegan, paraben, sulphate and cruelty-free" explains Anna. "Fiils also skips the synthetics and uses no added fragrance, instead harnessing essential oils for luxe scents such as pomelo and coconut in all formulations".

"Fiils body washes are blended with pure essential oils, and only the best natural ingredients. There are currently three variations of scent available including: lemongrass, pomelo and coconut" explains Anna. "Lemongrass is a great detoxifying ingredient, perfect to cleanse and refresh normal to oily skin types. Pomelo contains powerful antioxidant properties and is perfect for energising and rejuvenating all skin types. Finally, coconut is well known for its moisturising and hydrating benefits and is best suited for normal to dry skin types".


How does Fiils work?

"We’ve kept our refillable model super simple to make it easier than ever for people to make the sustainable switch. To begin your journey with us, you can opt to buy a starter kit which comes with the aluminium refill bottles of your choice (either copper, silver, rose gold or matte black) and our refill pouches packed full of our natural formulas available in a range of luxurious scents" says Anna.

"When your kit arrives, simply decant the refill pouch into the corresponding bottle and pop in your shower ready to use" instructs Anna. "Our refill pouch nozzles fit snuggly into our aluminium bottles making for a no-mess transfer". Once you've dispensed your pouches into the bottles, use your pre-paid package (provided with all Fiils kits) to return it to Fiils HQ where everything is recycled responsibly and nothing ends up in landfill. "We only ask that you clean the pouches before you send them back to us and cut off the plastic caps". The caps are then reused and the rest of the packaging is reprocessed, "meaning your pouch will end up being made into a park bench or garden furniture, giving your everyday beauty essentials a whole new life!"


How long does one Fiils refill package last?

As with any other beauty product, Anna points out that everyone is different in their usage. "Whilst you might only find you need to use a pea-size amount, others like to lather on up those sustainable suds and use up their refills more quickly. On average, we’d say that our refills will last you one month if you shower daily, two months if you shower every other day!"


Anna Priadka, founder of Fiils top tip for a more sustainable beauty routine:“Start small, and don’t beat yourself up for not making huge changes! It’s a journey to live more sustainably, and smaller changes are better than none!”


[2] British Beauty Council Green Guide 2022

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