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How To Use A Hairdryer Diffuser

How To Use A Hairdryer Diffuser
3 years ago
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Hairdryer diffusers are ideal for anyone with textured and curly hair as they help to enhance your natural curls and waves without encouraging any unwanted frizz.

Hairdryer diffusers are bowl-shaped plastic attachments that contain small prongs that hold your hair while you dry it. Diffusers slot onto the end of your hairdryer and ensure that the heat from your hairdryer is distributed more evenly throughout your hair, making it less prone to thermal damage.

Some hair dryers come with a diffuser attachment, others don’t, so you may need to purchase one separately. Curious about diffusers? Keep on reading to discover how best to use a hair dryer diffuser as well as our favourite diffusers to try.

How To Use A Hairdryer diffuser

1. Wash and condition your hair using your favourite hair care products.

2. Gently towel dry your hair to absorb much of the surface water. Be gentle! You don’t want to encourage your hair to frizz prematurely. At this point, apply a thermal protectant and any curl enhancing creams you may use.

3. Clip your diffuser onto your hairdryer. It may take some trial and error to figure out whether it’s best to start at the bottom of your hair, or at the roots.

4. Position the diffuser at your roots and apply low to medium heat to your hair.

5. Work your way down to the bottom of your hair, placing sections of your hair into the diffuser and moving the diffuser up and down to bounce your hair.

6. Repeat until your hair is dry.

Which Are The Best Hairdryer Diffusers?

  1. ghd Air Kit
  2. BaByliss Hydro Fusion Hair Dryer with Diffuser
  3. T3 Soft Touch Compact Diffuser

You can often save time and money by buying your hairdryer and hair diffuser in a set. Discover our top hairdryers and hair diffusers available at LOOKFANTASTIC.

ghd Air Kit (ghd Diffuser and Size 3 Ceramic Brush)

Looking for salon-worthy hair? This hairstyling set from ghd contains a hairdryer, ceramic brush and air diffuser to help ensure your hair is seriously swoosh-worthy, shiny and soft. Our customers with thicker hair have noted how this hair drying trio has helped tame unruly locks whilst promoting softness and shine.

Key Features● Powerful 2100W motor.● Hairdryer uses ionic technology to help fight frizz.

BaByliss Hydro Fusion Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Promote silky, shiny hair with this hairdryer and diffuser set. Ion technology helps to ensure your hair is frizz-free. The diffuser attachment ensures that those with waves or curls will achieve beautiful definition.

Key Features● Contains plasma flow to help smooth the hair.● Lightweight.● A combination of positive and negative ions keeps the hair moisturised while drying, smoothing the hair for a frizz-free finish.

T3 Soft Touch Compact Diffuser

If you’re looking for a separate diffuser attachment, this compact diffuser helps to create maximum volume and definition without frizz and pesky flyaways. Airflow is distributed evenly without concentrating on one area.

Key Features● Tourmaline® technology infuses hair with a mixture of ionic and infrared heat, which effectively tames frizziness and imparts a mirror-like shine.● Designed to be used with the T3 Featherweight Compact hairdryer,


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