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What Are The Best Products For Blonde Hair?

What Are The Best Products For Blonde Hair?

Just like every other colour of hair, blonde hair comes in many different shades. Each hue needs different products to protect and enhance its colour vibrancy, whilst also keeping it healthy, soft and manageable.

Even though shades can range from icy and ash blondes, to more golden and caramel colours, no blonde wants to become brassy and yellow, meaning you need to maintain an element of icy wintryness to your locks.

In winter, blonde hair can become even more damaged due to the drop in temperature, and more pollution from bonfires, fireworks and smoke. It’s therefore imperative to use icy treatments that help to restore colour vibrancy and prevent those dreaded brassy finishes.

Top 3 Products for Icy Blondes

Whether you are a natural blonde, or have highlights, we have the products to ensure it stays healthy, icy and looks its best.

  1. Natural Blonde Hair
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    Natural Blonde Hair

    For natural blondes, opt for a natural treatment to gently cleanse your hair without causing product build-up or colour fading.

    The Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Mask in Baby Blonde helps to add radiance and shine to blonde hair by removing all those brassy and yellow tones, to leave an icy exterior behind.

    Free from chemical nasties, the unique treatment will leave your hair soft, naturally icy, and with lightweight volume.

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  2. Ash Blonde Hair
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    Ash Blonde Hair

    If you have icy locks, then it can be super difficult to ensure they stay as radiant as they looked when you stepped out of the hair salon.

    Violet shampoos and conditioning treatments can remove brassy tones and ensure your locks don’t go golden or caramel blonde, which is why we love the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde collection.

    The products contain the brand’s KerActive Protein, which helps to keep the hair cuticle sealed and unable to take in any damaging aggressors, such as pollution, dirt and environmental damage. This is what helps to keep your blonde looking beautifully icy this winter.

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  3. Golden Blonde Hair
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    Golden Blonde Hair

    Golden blonde locks still need an icy injection to ensure they don’t become too yellow or brassy.

    The Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair for Blondes has been formulated to treat highlighted hair and lift its natural tones for a stunning fresh and wintry look.

    It contains a super high dosage of Keravis, which balances out the porosity in blonde hair to prevent it from absorbing environmental particles that could lead to dulling and brassy tones.

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