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Innovative Skincare Trends For 2017

Innovative Skincare Trends For 2017
Team LF
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Coming into 2017, various skincare trends, technologies and ingredients will come to the forefront of the beauty industry and try and astound us with their powerful abilities. But just what will those trends, technologies and ingredients be?

We have already seen what the overall beauty predictions are looking like for 2017, but delving deeper into the skincare category, there are some exciting prospects that we just cannot wait for.

Top 6 Skincare Trends for 2017


  • 1.K-Beauty

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    The rise of Asian skincare. and in particular Korean Beauty is set to become one of the biggest trends in 2017. Unique textures, ingredients and products are coming out of the East to influence and shape our beauty outlook for the coming year. One trend set to take the world by storm is the Bubble Mask, which is a foamy expansion of product that leaves you looking like a bubble! Fear not though, its many skincare benefits outweigh looking slightly yeti-like for 10 minutes. Helping to stimulate collagen production, the Skin79 Mask will leave you with a more hydrated and radiant complexion.
  • 2.Facial Brushing

    Facial Brushing
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    We have long been told about the skincare and health benefits of dry body brushing. It helps to stimulate blood flow to rid your body of toxins, helping you regain more energy and have a healthier and more luminous complexion. The interesting trend coming to play in 2017 is facial brushing. You have already heard the wonders of FOREO and Magnitone Cleansing Devices, which use brush heads to deep cleanse the skin, but dry facial brushing is set to become huge this year. Like dry body brushing, it will improve blood flow and give you a gorgeous glow. Try Aveda's Tulasãra Brush for a super soft finish.
  • 3.Cleansing Bars

    Cleansing Bars
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    It is rumoured that women in Korea are to be favouring traditional cleansing bars in lieu of cleansers this year, so expect to see a rise in bars of facial soaps to hit the shelves this year. Erno Laszlo are already at the forefront of this trend, with their cult classic Deep Cleansing Bar, formulated to leave you with a clear and gorgeous complexion. Free from the chemical nasties that the traditional soap bars are filled with, cleansing bars are your favourite formula in bar form with the added bonus of being super long-lasting. We're sold already.
  • 4.Superfood Skincare

    Superfood Skincare
    4.79 Stars 52 Reviews
    With Pantone's Greenery shade announced as 2017's Colour Of The Year, it's little wonder that we are seeing the rise of healthy and in particular, superfood skincare come to the top of every beauty editor's radar. Just like we treat our bodies with a heap of vitamins and antioxidants for it to stay healthy, it's time we did the same with our skin. Expect to see ingredients such as Broccoli, Chia and Kale come to the forefront of the market. ELEMIS's Superfood Facial Oil is infused with a host of miracle ingredients designed to transform your skin. Does it work? Put it this way, how do you feel when you eat a healthy diet in place of processed foods? Your skin is waiting for you.
  • 5.Sheet Masks

    Sheet Masks
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    Sheet masks made a splash in 2016, but they are set to become even bigger this year. With no spillage and worry about removing product from your skin, they are the easiest way to get your hydration and radiance fix. With even more designs, technologies and inventions coming out, we predict that "sheet eye masks" will be the big trend of 2017. With supermodels praising them for getting them to A to B without a hint of fatigue in sight, we have to jump on board too. We love the Shiseido Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Masks, which add a little vibrancy when you need it the most.
Team LF
Writer and expert
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