Molton Brown Black Pepper

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Transporting you to exotic shores with a masterfully created warm and woody scent, our range of Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper products are rich and multidimensional, offering the most beautiful of lathers and lotions and the most beguiling of perfumes and candles.

Bringing a dapper blend of myrtle pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg together with the full, rounded aroma of rose oil, Re-charge Black Pepper is both luxurious and harmonious. Molton Brown’s handsome packaging symbolises its artisan British heritage and long history of being the star choice in some of the most opulent hotels around the world. Now you can have that little bit of decadence in your own home, with everything from hand lotions and body washes to deodorants and Eau de Parfums. Layer your products and that balmy scent will become your signature.

Re-Charge Black Pepper is one of Molton Brown's most iconic scents and the brand skillfully use this long-lasting aroma in formulas that will cleanse and soften the skin whilst energising the mind and body.

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