Hair Loss & Thinning Shampoo

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Too many men and women experience pattern hair loss, and it can be absolutely devastating to realise your hair is falling out or thinning. But alongside hair regrowth vitamins and minerals, a hair growth shampoo can thicken up your locks, stimulate growth in patchy areas, and even prevent hair from falling out. 

Formulated with texturising and strengthening ingredients – like caffeine and keratin – your crowning glory instantly looks full bodied, and grows denser and healthier over time. Hair growth shampoos give your follicles everything they need to thrive – strength, nutrients and a clean scalp to grow. Fighting breakages and supporting a healthy scalp, shampoos for hair loss have the ability to strengthen, thicken and encourage new hair growth.

It’s thought on average that our hair grows around six inches every year, that’s about half an inch per month. So growing your hair takes patience. But you can do a few things to support healthy hair growth – invest in a hair-thickening shampoo, eat a healthy diet, cleanse your scalp and avoid formulas with silicones. Some studies suggest that eating high quantities of unhealthy foods could contribute to hair loss. If you’re concerned about thinning hair, avoid simple carbohydrates and refined sugars.

Hair thinning and loss can take a toll on your confidence, but there are plenty of shampoos for hair loss that will restore your locks to their former glory. Boosting circulation to increase nutrients to your follicles, thickening the strands you already have, and caring for your scalp, these shampoos will support your hair regrowth journey.

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