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Create your perfect skincare smoothie with Drunk Elephant

Create your perfect skincare smoothie with Drunk Elephant
Jess Maisey
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Last Updated: 03/01/24Become the ultimate smoothie operator with Drunk Elephant!

The concept behind a skincare smoothie is simply that of mixing well-matched ingredients together to create the perfect blend to suit your needs. What's more? By blending your products together in the palm of your hand, you can reap all the benefits of the ingredients, without the lengthy process of applying it all. A quick-fix skincare shot when your skin needs some extra TLC. 

Discover our ultimate guide to being a smoothie operator with the best Drunk Elephant products for every skin type or concern from Drunk Elephant field trainer, Kamil Nowak.  

The Wake-Up Wonder Smoothie  

Open your eyes to bright, energised skin with this antioxidant-rich smoothie. The radiance-boosting recipe? Mix one drop of C-Firma™ Fresh Day Serum, one pump of C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream and one pump of Protini™ Polypeptide Cream to help illuminate your complexion for the day ahead.  

Kamil says: “This smoothie is perfect for waking up your skin and giving it a boost of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, evens out skin tone and stimulates collagen production.”

The Brightening Booster Smoothie  

Want to glow all day with revived, luminous skin? Blend one drop of C-Firma™ Fresh Day Serum, one pump of Protini™ Polypeptide Cream and one drop of D-Bronzi™ Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops to help radiantly refresh and rejuvenate your skin with a touch of sun-kissed warmth.   

Kamil says: “Together, these products will refresh and illuminate your skin, making it look more radiant and healthy, while also protecting it from pollution and environmental stressors.”  

The Radiance Reviver Smoothie  

Become an instant ray of sunshine by combining one pump of Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream and one drop of D-Bronzi™ Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops to help replenish and moisturise your complexion while encouraging a dewy, bronzy glow.

Kamil says: “This smoothie is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin that lacks radiance, especially during the colder months. Together, this duo will rescue and recover the skin, while giving it sophisticated, bronzy glow.”  

For the ultimate boost, use T.L.C. Sukari™ Babyfacial alone to visibly revive and resurface your skin.


Smoothie Do’s and Don’ts  

“Do listen to your skin and choose products based on your skin’s needs and concerns. Your skin may not need the same thing every day.” 

“Do mix products that are compatible with each other. Drunk Elephant products are formulated to work well together, as they are free of silicones.” 

“Don’t mix products that have conflicting pH levels or ingredients. For example, avoid mixing any of the sunscreens, as you do not want to dilute the UV protection.”  


Why is it important to switch up our products based on our skin's needs? How frequently should we be switching up our products? 

Our skin needs are changing constantly depending on the products we are using, the weather, environment, climate, our diet and overall lifestyle. Pay attention to what is happening to your skin on a particular day. Much like you choose ingredients for your daily smoothie based on your body’s cravings, pick products for a.m. and p.m. smoothies based on how your skin feels. You can switch up products pretty much daily if your skin needs it. 

 What's the difference between skincare mixing and skincare layering? 

The main reason we needed to layer in the past and wait some time before proceeding to the next step is that a lot of products on the market contain different types of silicones. Silicones need time to dissolve on the skin and they can also block the absorption of active ingredients, such as vitamins. Also, they do not have any direct benefit for your skin. We encourage everyone to try mixing your Drunk Elephant products, but that doesn't mean you cannot layer our products too, it's great to have options for both. 

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Jess Maisey
Writer and expert
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