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We’re dispelling 6 suncare myths to keep your skin protected

We’re dispelling 6 suncare myths to keep your skin protected
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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We have teamed up with the experts at Ultrasun to bust some common myths around suncare, to help you and your skin stay as protected as possible. SPF is so important in the fight against long-term skin damage, which is why it's necessary for you to know your fact from your fiction. Discover some of the most prevalent myths you need to start dispelling now...

You have to go red before you go brown

This is one of the biggest myths in sun protection, and it contributes to long-term skin damage. The fact is that as soon as the skin reddens, it is shouting for help. This is known as “trauma tanning” which is the result of inadequate protection. Instead of a deep golden tan that you would expect, the skin burns and sheds, leaving the skin tanless in days. By selecting an SPF right for your skin and gradually introducing your skin to the sun, this can help you to achieve a long-lasting tan.

For the first time ever, Ultrasun was able to create tan activating ingredients with a high level UVA and UVB filter in a broad spectrum solution. They created this formula in the hope of encouraging less exposure, which will mean less skin and cellular damage and sun reactions. Their Tan Activator Face and Tan Activator Body (SPF 30) contain the revolutionary complex BronzylTM, a natural tan enhancer which has been shown to accelerate the tanning process by over 40% in ten days.

It doesn't matter how you apply sun screen

A survey by the British Association of Dermatologists in 2016 identified that 8 out of 10 people are failing to adequately apply sunscreen. Although it’s a gasp-worthy statistic, the positive side is that this is easily rectified. Here is our guide to getting it on right:

  1. Apply it first thing, before getting dressed.
  2. Always apply indoors out of direct sunlight
  3. Don’t be stingy – apply plenty!
  4. Wait at least 15 minutes before you go outside

All body parts are created to be as equally strong against the sun

The most common site for men to develop a malignant melanoma is on the chest or back. For women it’s more likely on the legs.

Lips are often forgotten and with no natural shade like the lower lip, the upper lip area in particular shows ageing from sun damage quicker. 
 Help prevent damage (UVA & UVB) from the elements with the Ultrasun Lip Protection SPF30. This high quality lip protector is enriched with blackcurrant seed oil to moisturise and enrich and keep your lippy in place.

Pigmentation is a skincare issue and not a consequence of UV damage

After wrinkles, pigmentation is usually the next skin concern. Brown patches of pigmentation which appear on hands, face and décolletage areas are caused specifically by UVA rays which penetrate deep into your skin. Ultrasun have developed Anti-Pigmentation formulas for face, body and hands so those sun spots are a thing of the past.

The shade is safe to sit in all-day

Shade given by trees and parasols only gives protection from around 70% of UV rays. Remember to take breaks from the sun indoors and drink plenty of water.

My makeup has an SPF so I'm protected

A number of moisturisers and make up brands contain an SPF. Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging – these often tend not to be water-resistant and, by the very nature of their intended use, are applied a lot more thinly. Therefore, they are often not providing the same level of protection as a ‘pure’ sun cream. They also don’t offer any UVA protection, remember A is for ageing! These rays are the DNA altering rays and cause 80% of ageing.

We hope that we have set the record straight on these sun care myths, so you can enjoy the sun safely.

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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