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How Face Mapping can transform your skin…

How Face Mapping can transform your skin…
Team LF
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To start your New Year skincare routine properly, we caught up with Victoria Schofield, Education Executive at Dermalogica to find out more skin health and talk everything Face Mapping.

If you haven't heard much about Face Mapping, don't worry. It's essentially an analysis on how conditions manifesting on the face can be a reflection of an internal imbalance. In addition to the traditional skin analysis method, Dermalogica also use the art of Chinese face diagnosis to delve a little deeper into your health and wellness, which can help have an impact on which products you need to choose.

When it comes to improving your skin condition, it’s important to remember that your skin is the largest organ of the body and everything we do affects its function. From the foods we eat, the changes in climate, to the pollution we breathe in and the levels of stress we experience. So simply selecting products indicated for your skin type may not be enough to give you the skin results you’re looking for.

Famed for their Face Mapping technology, the brand professionally analyse your skin, which helps to create a tailored skincare plan for your individual needs. This 3600 approach gives the best opportunity for maximum skin results.

If there’s one thing we know a lot about at Dermalogica, it’s skin! In fact, it’s fair to say we’re pretty obsessed with it!

Forehead problems

Common conditions to appear on this area are under-surface congestion, breakouts and dehydration. Consider how thorough your cleansing is, do you get right into the hair line and brows? Are you double cleansing daily? What pore clogging make-up or haircare products are you using in that area?

If all these aspects are in check, you may want to assess your diet. Poor digestion and insufficient water intake can manifest issues in this area. Introduce step zero and PreCleanse Balm to your regimen for your cleanest skin yet.

Cheek concerns

Common conditions we see on the cheeks are redness, breakouts and milia (hard white bumps). Those with more sensitive skin, allergies like hay fever and sinus issues may show sensitivity here. But also look at comedogenic (poor clogging) makeup; particularly bronzer, blush and highlighters. Ensure good daily cleansing and exfoliation to help clear congestion.

The cheeks also reflect respiratory health. Exposure to high pollution levels, smoking and common colds can all reflect in cheek sensitivity. Check out levels of pollution where you live or work at to find out your risk for skin damage.

Eyes issues

We commonly see milia, around the eyes, so check your eye makeup remover for skin clogging oils that can lead to milia. Dark circles, puffiness and sensitivity are also common and if we burn the candle at both ends, our eyes will give us away!

Ensure you get as much sleep as possible and manage stress levels. If all else fails, reach for an eye treatment to combat and hide these symptoms, our go to remedy is Stress Positive Eye Lift.

Mouth and jawline dilemmas

Congestion and breakouts are really common around the chin and jawline, especially in adult women. This is a very hormonally influenced area of the skin. You may experience a pre-menstrual breakout each month at the sides of the mouth or stress related breakouts along the jawline and neck. This is where regimens need to be adaptable and targeted treatment products introduced to manage these fluctuations.

Keep Breakout Control to hand to apply as soon as you feel that spot emerging, using for a few days can greatly reduce the size and appearance of a breakout. If high stress levels are unavoidable for you, ensure your skin routine includes regular treatments such as massage or schedule daily meditation to keep stress levels balanced.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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