How To Pamper Yourself At Home With This Works

How To Pamper Yourself At Home With This Works

We were lucky enough to catch up with Kathy Philips, founder of This Works to discover what her top tips are for how to pamper yourself at home.

To ‘pamper’….defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as to ‘indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil’.’ Traditionally this conjures up images of nights in, applying face masks, painting toe nails, keeping damp hair wrapped up in a towel turban.

At This Works we believe that the greatest indulgence we can give ourselves is time. Time to think, time to unwind, time to just breathe and this can occur day or night.

The trick is giving ourselves permission to switch off.

Founder of This Works Kathy Phillips shares her top three tips for creating space in her day, no matter how busy…

Top 3 Tips To Pamper Yourself At Home

  1. Yoga

    I have been practising Yoga for over thirty years and have always been interested in the way it can heal, build stamina and reduce tiredness. I practice, if I can, every day, sometimes for 40 mins, sometimes for an hour and sometimes for more, and am known for keeping mats at home, in the car and in my suitcase.

  2. Bathing vs Showering

    The way I see it, showering is both practical and functional; it’s for washing, exfoliating & shampooing. Bathing is entirely different – for me, it’s a ritual that involves a simple space, potent oils, time to soak, think, read, plan or meditate. I find the bath a real sanctuary. I know people tend to view bathing as a night time indulgence but for me there is no set time to take a bath. I simply moderate the oils I add to suit the time of day.

    For example our Deep Sleep Bath Oil is unprecedented in its ability to ease tension and stress before bed, and our Energy Bank Bath Oil is a supercharged blend of luxurious oils for renewed vitality, body and soul – the definitive antidote to morning sluggishness.

  3. An Early Night

    There is no better beauty treatment for your skin than a good night’s sleep and so I make a point of, when I can, getting an early night and ensuring my bed is as inviting as possible. Pillows are foremost in this – not too big, too small, too hard or too soft; I’ve been known to buy pillows in hotels and have them shipped halfway across the world. A spritz of our Super Sleep Pillow Spray and a couple of chapters of a good book is all you need.



Skincare Specialist

I am a big believer in the idea that beautiful Make Up begins with a superb skincare regime. I like to enhance my natural beauty rather than cover up and I am always on the lookout for great products which really work. When I am not writing about all things beauty, I like to do Yoga and I make an amazing brownie. It is all about balance!