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10 of the best eyebrow makeup products

10 of the best eyebrow makeup products
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Well-defined eyebrows help to frame the face, and when you have them waxed, tinted or threaded, you can see a visible difference straightaway.

While you do need to visit a salon to upkeep your brows, there are also some great eyebrow makeup products and basic essentials to keep them looking their best in between visits.

We have selected our edit of 10 of the best eyebrow makeup products and essentials you need in your beauty routine to get those brows in formation.

Top 3 eyebrow essentials

  • BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil - Keep your brows in perfect condition with the BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil. It contains a blend of botanical extracts to encourage brow hair growth such as lavender, sweet almond and rosemary, whilst also helping to calm and nourish.
  • RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum - The super nourishing formula of RapidBrow's Eyebrow Enhancing Serum helps to transform thinning brows into perfectly defined brows in as little as 60 days. Keep applying twice a day for visible results.
  • HD Brows Brow Wax - Acting like hairspray for the brows, HD Brow's Brow Wax can be layered onto all eyebrow makeup products to hold hair in place all day long. Plus, it's enriched with argan oil to soften and condition the brows over time.
  • BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil 11ml

    BBB London Nourishing Brow Oil 11ml

    4.38 Stars 8 Reviews
  • RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

    RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

    4.57 Stars 230 Reviews
  • HD Brows Brow Wax

    HD Brows Brow Wax

    3 Stars 2 Reviews
  • 1.BBB London Ultra Slim Brow Definer

    BBB London Ultra Slim Brow Definer
    4.57 Stars 14 Reviews
    If your eyebrows are a little sparse or thinning and you want to build up their density, try the BBB London Ultra Slim Brow Definer. BBB London are a brow specialist brand, and since their conception are now known all over the world for their premium products made with high-quality and luxury ingredients. Their Ultra Slim Brow Definer packs a punch when it comes to building brow thickness and density. The retractable pencil has a thin precision tip which allows you to build up sparse areas perfectly so that they look thick and full without being over filled in.
  • 2.benefit Gimme Brow

    benefit Gimme Brow
    4.67 Stars 64 Reviews
    This volumising fibre-based eyebrow gel from benefit is one of the best eyebrow makeup products to build up brow thickness yet leave them looking natural. Gimme Brow is just one of the products from benefit's cult eyebrow makeup collection, and is a tinted gel which deposits tiny fibres which adhere to your own natural brow to make them appear fuller and naturally dense. It's perfect for adding a little colour and volume without going overboard, making this great for on-the-go makeup and first time brow enthusiasts.
  • 3.Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit

    Sleek MakeUp Brow Kit
    5 Stars 2 Reviews
    If you love super defined and neat brows, you will fall in love with Sleek MakeUp's Brow Kit, which contains a brow wax and setting powder to create the perfect looking set of brows. Included in the kit are 2 brushes and a mini pair of tweezers, so you can pluck any stray brow hairs for an expert looking finish. The brow wax is super long-lasting, making it great to use when you need your eyebrow makeup look to last all day, and the powder helps you to blend for a more natural looking finish. The kit is also available in shades Dark and Extra Dark.
  • 4.NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade

    NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade
    4.38 Stars 24 Reviews
    Define and perfect your brows with the NYX Professional Makeup Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade, one of the best eyebrow makeup products for adding a touch of colour and shape to uneven brows. The smudge-proof and waterproof formula makes for the perfect eyebrow makeup product in hot weather, on holiday or whenever you need a long-lasting look. It not only fills in sparse brows to create a full and defined look, but also lets you create a perfect arch for a flawless finish.
  • 5.Eyeko Brow Gel

    Eyeko Brow Gel
    4.75 Stars 20 Reviews
    Enriched with a host of skin-loving and nourishing ingredients, Eyeko's Brow Gel contains keratin, gingko biloba and natural proteins to build up the health of the brows as it evens them out, achieving fuller and thicker looking brows over time. It's tiny nano brush means you can get into the hard to reach areas of your brows where you need to build up their thickness and density without adding too much product. Additionally, it's also free from parabens and the winner of the 2013 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards.
  • 6.Clinique Super Fine Liner for Brows

    Clinique Super Fine Liner for Brows
    4.87 Stars 23 Reviews
    If you have small gaps in your brows which need filling in, and you don't want a large brow pencil to do it, you will love Clinique's Super Fine Liner for Brows. Made with finely milled pigments, the pencil blends into your natural brow hair to build-up definition and colour without ever looking drawn-on. Due to the twist-up tip, the brow pencil never needs to be sharpened, making it great for travelling with or throwing in your handbag.
  • 7.MAC Shape & Shade Brow Tint

    MAC Shape & Shade Brow Tint
    4 Stars 19 Reviews
    The dual-ended Shape & Shade Brow Tint from MAC combines a liquid brow liner and a powder sponge tip, which helps you to create flawless and professional looking brows from the comfort of your own home. The liquid brush tip allows you to fill in sparse areas in your brows and expertly define their shape and angle, and the powdered-sponge tip helps to shade and set the brows whilst also adding dimension and ensuring the makeup stays in place throughout the day. The product is also waterproof and super long-wearing; perfect for when you need your brow makeup to last all day.
  • 8.Illamasqua Brow Build

    Illamasqua Brow Build
    If you want to tint, define and tame unruly brows, you will love the Illamasqua Brow Build eyebrow makeup product. It has uniquely built-in fibres which add definition and depth to areas, whilst also helping to create expertly-shaped brows. It has a no-smudge and no-fade formula, making it great for travelling and holidays abroad. Plus, it's handy spoolie brush means you can easily do your brows on the go when in a rush.
  • 9.Ardell Brow Pomade in Blonde

    Ardell Brow Pomade in Blonde
    Great for blonde and lighter-coloured eyebrows, the Ardell Brow Pomade in Blonde combines the benefits of a powder, pencil and gel to create a pomade which gives the appearance of expertly-shaped and defined brows. It has a creamy formula and dual-ended applicator brush and spoolie included in the set, which allows you to create a natural looking yet perfectly-defined set of brows. The formula is also super long-wearing and won't smudge throughout the day.
  • 10.Elizabeth Arden Statement Brow

    Elizabeth Arden Statement Brow
    Elizabeth Arden's Statement Brow is a multi-tasking brow gel with a tinted formula that helps to both condition and define sparse looking brows. Made with beeswax and carnauba, the clever formula delivers beautiful looking brows in seconds. With the coverage of a pencil and the lasting power of a powder, it keeps your brows looking great for up to 12 hours. The addition of kaolin also helps to provide texture and shape; perfect if you have sparse-looking brows.
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