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Make Up Tips for Oily Skin

Make Up Tips for Oily Skin
Team LF
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Make Up can be a nightmare for people with oily skin. Getting your Make Up to last the day, preventing that dreaded midday shine and making sure you don't get any breakouts; it can all be a bit of a minefield. That shouldn't mean you can't enjoy wearing Make Up though, so we've put together our best Make Up tips for oily skin. From prepping your skin, to how best to remove every scrap of Make Up, we have everything you need to know.

The Best Make Up for Oily Skin

Make Up for oily skin needs to keep a flawless finish all day, without clogging the pores. So what should you be looking for when you buy new Make Up?

  1. Matte Finishes. For base products like foundation, matte finishes can help control shine during the day and last longer.
  2. Oil Free.Oil free formulations tend to last much longer on oily skins. These tend to be a slightly thicker formulation so you can use it sparingly.
  3. Non-Comodogenic. This means that the formula won't clog up your pores. Most base products will state if they are non-comodogenic so you can keep your skin blemish free.

How to Prep Oily Skin for Make Up

Looking after your skin before applying your Make Up will always improve how it looks and how long it lasts on your skin. Before even touching the foundation brush, make sure you follow these tips

  1. Exfoliate. By clearing away dead skin cells, you'll help even out your skin texture for a smoother finish. Avoid anything too abrasive or harsh, as this can irritate oily skins. Using a good exfoliator at least once a week will keep your skin in top condition!
  2. Moisturise. Don't listen to those  myths that oily skinned people don't need to moisturize. If you dry out your skin it will only react by producing more oil. Try to get your natural oil production under control by making sure your skin gets all the nourishment it needs.
  3. Give it Time. Let your skincare products sink into the skin before applying your Make Up. Try to give yourself 10 minutes between moisturising and starting to apply your Make Up.

How to apply Make Up on Oily Skin

Making a few tweaks to your Make Up application can make it last so much longer on oily skin. Just follow our tips and your Make Up will look amazing all day long.

  1. Prime. Using a primer helps smooth the skin for a flawless finish, as well as helping Make Up last for that little bit longer on the skin. Look for ones that contain Silica for extra mattification.
  2. Buff it in. Move away from using your fingers to apply your base. Using a big buffing brush and applying your foundation in a few light layers can help it last.
  3. Let it Set. When you apply your foundation, let it set before you put on powder. Leaving it for 5 or 10 minutes can do wonders for helping the foundation bond to your skin.
  4. Blot away. Avoid over powdering during the day, which can make your Make Up look cakey and encourage your pores to produce even more oil. We recommend blotting papers for a quick touch up during the day.

How To Remove Make Up on Oily Skin

Once your day is done, it is extremely important that you properly remove your makeup. Leaving makeup on while you sleep overnight will clog up your pores and cause blemishes. We believe that prevention is the best treatment so sticking to a great skincare routine will help your skin no end.

  1. Try a Micellar Water. This is a gentle way to break down Make Up and prep the skin for proper cleansing. Apply to a cotton pad before sweeping over the face to get most of your Make Up off. Do not scrub at the eyes or skin, as this can damage the skin.
  2. Deep Cleanse. To help unblock pores and improve skin tone, you should do a deeper cleanse after removing your Make Up. This makes sure all traces of Make Up are removed as well as allowing the cleanser to work on your bare skin.
  3. Tone. Using a mildy astringent toner can really help especially oily skin. If your skin is sensitive, avoid anything too harsh but toners containing Salicylic Acid can help improve skin texture and pore size.
  4. Treat. At night, after cleansing your skin thoroughly, is the perfect time to apply serums and treatments to help perfect skin texture and reduce oil production long term

So, we think think that sums up pretty much everything there is to know about Make Up for oily skin! What do you think, do you have any extra Make Up tips for oily skin? If you try out any of these, don't forget to tag @Lookfantastic on social media and let us know your thoughts!

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