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How to make sure your hair and makeup withstands any weather

How to make sure your hair and makeup withstands any weather
Team LF
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To make sure you're looking your best for those cocktails al fresco, we've put together a guide to making your hair and makeup fully weather-proof.

Keep your cool, whatever the weather, with completely waterproof makeup, from your eyeshadow down to your lipstick. To be fully prepared for a night outdoors, you'll also need wind-proof hair, to minimise flyaways and frizz. With this guide by your side, you'll be prepared for whatever the elements throw at you, safe in the knowledge that your hair and makeup are fully weather-proof.

Waterproof makeup

Make sure your makeup stays firmly in place by choosing something waterproof. Although this can be great for holidays where you're in and out of the pool, waterproof makeup is also a must for rainy British weather.


Eye makeup is the most prone to smudging and the biggest giveaway, so it's probably the most important part of your look to weather-proof. Eyeliner and mascara are normally the first things to go when the weather gets out of hand, or if a joke is particularly funny and you end up crying with laughter.

Going for completely weather-proof makeup protects you from all of this. If you're particularly prone to outbursts of laughter, like I am, I would recommend going fully waterproof with the eyes. Even if you're nowhere near water and the sun is shining, it's an easy way to ensure your looks stay firmly in place, no matter how funny the joke is.




This may surprise you, but there are even eyeshadows available in waterproof form. If you're tired of your smoky eye transferring throughout the day, prime first and then go in with a sturdy, waterproof formula.



Creating looks that stay firmly in place starts with sturdy foundations (pun intended). As your base covers different skin textures, it can be the most prone to creasing and fading. This can especially become a problem around the nose and mouth, where the most movement happens.

As well as choosing a long-lasting foundation, you'll need a trusty primer and lightweight setting spray to make sure your canvas lasts all day. benefit's Porefessional Super Setter Setting Spray can extend makeup wear to 16 hours. Water-based, the formula is infused with blurring pigments to conceal the appearance of enlarged pores. Polishing off your look and extending wear, this super spray will keep your makeup flawless, all night long.



Setting spray: 



Finally, you're going to need a lip look that will survive dinner or drinks. Rather than having to be reapplied after every mouthful, our selection has super staying power, guaranteed to last the evening.

If you're wanting to warm up your complexion, the versatile NUDESTIX Intense Matte Lip and Cheek Pencil can be used as lipstick, lip liner or blush. This waterproof pencil lasts for up to six hours, thanks to a crease and flake-resistant formula. Available in seven sultry shades, the NUDESTIX can be worn for any occasion.

Windproof Hair

To accompany your long-lasting canvas, you'll need a hairstyle that's going to stick around. What's worse than spending hours curling your hair, for them to drop out within the first hour of date night?

The trick to long-lasting hairstyles is in the products you use. Styling products not only help your hair to look more refined, smoothing any frizz or flyaways, they also help the style to stay in place, letting you enjoy your masterpiece for longer.

For added protection, you'll also need a hair spray. Now, I don't mean the sticky stuff that leaves your locks rock hard. I'm talking about the haircare infused, fine mist formulas that nourish your hair while holding it in place.

The Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray protects hair for up to 72 hours, lasting for up to two to three shampoos. Ideal for those with colour treated hair, this formula tightens the fibres to help the hair hold onto its natural moisture for longer. The result? Healthier looking hair and silkier feeling tresses. The waterproof veil repels moisture, keeping your hair perfect.

Polish it off

Set it in place

After something else? Our full collection of waterproof beauty products even includes skincare, safeguarding your skin against any weather.

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Writer and expert
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