The Best Makeup For Men

The Best Makeup For Men

There can be a social stigma when talking about makeup for men, even in the 21st century. In days gone by, men wearing makeup was away of them expressing themselves. Now it’s becoming popular again, with more and more men adopting the routine.

I’m here to explain how it started and how the topic is perceived in today’s society and why more and more men chose to shop for cosmetics. Also discover some great brands to try if you already wear makeup as a man or are curious to try it.

A Brief History Of Makeup For Men

Men wearing makeup dates back to Asia in 3000BC, so it is definitely not a new trend or phase. Males wear makeup for exactly the same reasons as women do; to hide imperfections and express themselves.

Gone are the days where make makeup is left to the likes of Keith Richard and his rock n’ roll guy-liner, or reality TV stars and their fake tans. There is a wide variety of male beauty bloggers who wear makeup on a daily basis and are openly discussing this with the world. After all what is the problem with wanting to hide a spot quick or banish a dark patch.

Male makeup can come in many forms all the way from the likes of David Bowie and Boy George’s outlandish and unique styles, to the minimal amount of concealer or mascara to add the extra sass.

Some of the most modern and edgy makeup brands actively promote men’s makeup. One of these being Illamasqua; after all a massive inspiration for the brand was drag and punk rockers!

Of course you can use any generic makeup brand such as giants Estée Lauder and NARS. Here on Lookfantastic, you may not know but we have a whole brand dedicated to male makeup, Menaji!



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