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How to create the perfect ombre lip

How to create the perfect ombre lip
Team LF
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Whether you want to create the illusion of fuller lips or just have fun and experiment with your makeup looks, the ombre lip is a beauty trend that is very much here to stay.

Made up of a gradiation of colour, the ombre lip combines a darker colour on the outside of the lip with a lighter shade on the centre. The result gives the illusion of a fuller pout and is truly eye catching.

How to master an ombre lip

To help you master this statement look, we've put together a simple how-to guide to make sure your ombre lip looks perfect every time.

1. Choose your shade

You can create an ombre lip with pretty much any colour but choosing two complimentary shades is so important when creating your look. If you want to opt for a nude, choose a pale nude to flatter your skin tone and a slightly deeper brown-toned shade for the outside of your lips.

If you're feeling bold, fuschia pink and classic red make perfect ombre lip options.

2. Line your lips

Begin by lining your lips with a deep lip liner in whatever shade you choose to create your ombre lip. We love using the Urban Decay 24/7 Lip Pencils as their ultra-soft, creamy formula makes them so blendable and easy to combine with other lip shades.

If your lips are a little uneven or you want to create the illusion of a fuller pout, extend your lip line slightly by overdrawing your lips, adding fullness where needed. Be careful not to take your lip line to far as to look unnatural.

3. Fill in

Follow up your lip liner with a lighter shade of lipstick and apply on the centre part of your lips. When creating an ombre lip, we like to opt for a creamy formula with a matte finish so the colour blends easily with your lip liner but stays in place all day.

The NARS Audacious Lipsticks have a silky, long-wearing formula which glides onto the lips, delivering full coverage colour in a single swipe making them perfect for creating your statement lip look.

4. Blend, blend, blend

Taking a small, defined lip brush, such as the Sigma L05 Lip Brush, blend the deeper lip liner and the light lipstick together to create a gradient effect on your lips. Start by blending the lipstick into the liner as to not disupt the pale colour.

Once beautifully blended, tap over your lips a couple of times with your finger tips to ensure the ombre effect looks seamless.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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